Pirate101 Ship Cabin Starter Guide

With Pirate101's latest update, they've released the Black Market, Smuggler's Cove, and more! One of the other updates that has long been requested is the ability to go inside ships - ship cabins! And now, at long last, you can enter any ship, and even upgrade your cabin and decorations especially for it. But how do you get started?

Getting a Ship Cabin

So how exactly do you GET ship cabin? You're sailing on your ship, and there's a fancy new door in your Aquila galleon, but you can't go in.

What ship cabin do I have?

You start out with a very basic Captain's Quarters. This is a one-room area which you can decorate like a house with any number of items. You don't need any special quest to get one, every ship comes pre-equipped with a cabin, even your raft!

How do I get a bigger ship cabin?

There are current three cabins available, and your pirate can have up to two (not including your standard cabin). Like any other piece of ship equipment, you equip them on a specific ship.

There are two other ship cabins available to buy. The first is from the Crown Shop for 2,500 crowns. You can preview it by clicking on the magnifying glass. This one takes your standard room and adds a hallway with two additional rooms. This allows for much more space when placing dividers and decorations.

Your third option is the Pirate King's Retreat, which is not only the Captain's Quarters from the Crown Shop, but also has a second level. This second level contains several additional rooms and storage areas. It costs 25,000 scrip. It can also be previewed.

The size of a cabin is shown on the diagram representation on the purchasing screen. A half level is filled in for standard and expanded cabins (your first two). A second level is filled in with the Retreat. And so I'm guessing that means that at some point, we'll have three-level cabins.

How do I access my cabin?

You can't go into your cabin any time you want. On the high seas, or rather, skies, someone has to steer the ship, so your cabin won't be accessible then. However, when your ship is docked, whether in your house or at a standard location, you can enter the cabin.

Most ships have a door that you enter, but some have a hatch from which you'll enter. The cabins inside all look the same regardless. Identifying an entrance is easy. It has a new sort of sigil, with a key lock. Press "x" to enter.

Using Items

Your ship cabin works like a house. You can place just about any housing item inside (outdoor items do not work). That in mind, Pirate101 has introduced some new items specifically for these cabins.

What are cabin dividers?

Cabin dividers are kind of like Castle Blocks if you've ever used them in Wizard101. You place them like normal items, but can use them in such a way that they look like part of the structure. Like castle blocks, they can be stacked, and placed very close to each other. One capability that these have and castle blocks do not is that they can be turned at angles.

Where do I buy dividers?

You can get dividers in two places. The first is the Crown Shop. Several class-specific and otherwise interesting dividers are for sale there, but don't worry, you don't need to pay crowns. These are available for gold, so take advantage of that offer!

The second place to get dividers in the Black Market. For scrip, you can purchase a number of pieces and other new furniture items to be used in your ship cabin. Just remember, you can use regular items, too, and your space is limited.

What's the item limit in cabins?

The item limits in the cabins vary based on how large they are. The limit in the standard cabin is 50 items. The limit in the Captain's Quarters (Crown Shop) is 100 items. The limit in the Pirate King's Retreat (Black Market) is 150 items.

Associated Costs

Decorating the interior of your ship - or even getting a decent-sized interior - can be tough. There are corners to be cut, though!

How do I get scrip?

The biggest cost with ship cabins and decorating is definitely the Pirate King's Retreat if you choose to pursue it, or the dividers if you don't. Either way, you'll need scrip. The stuff is hard to come buy, but obtaining enough is doable. Scrip can be obtained in the Smuggler's Arena (purchase it in the Crown Shop or visit a friend's), or from ships and skyway enemies. Boss ships seem to have much higher drop rates than typical ships, and turrets drop scrip every time.

What can I buy for gold?

You do have some gold options, but they're limited. Right now, you cannot expand the interior space of your ship cabin with gold, you need crowns or scrip. But you can get decorations! The dividers in the crown shop can be purchased with gold, and so can most other housing items which can be used in the cabin. One thing you'll probably want to buy outside the Black Market or Crown Shop is wallpaper and flooring. These will transform the feel of your cabin and provide you with more gold-related options.

What standard furniture works well?

Anything besides outdoor items physically work in the cabins, but some items fit better than others. Because of the way the dividers are made, some of the central pirate-themed items, particularly those you can buy with gold from the Crown Shop or find as drops around Skull Island, fit well in the Captain's Quarters area.

Let the Decorating Begin!

There are so many possibilities with these new locations that I'm extremely excited to continue exploring my own range of options, but also to see what others come up with. Have you made anything cool yet?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral.


  1. (*shamelessly comments just to test out the new system*) Nice post! Did you make the blueprint portion (second picture down from the top) yourself?

  2. Hey! No, those are the "items" you see when you're going to purchase a ship cabin!

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