Adventures in Pet Hatching Part 2

Pirate101 Fire Spider Hybrid

Creating the perfect pet in Pirate101 may be a bit easier than in Wizard, but that doesn't make it simple. After numerous hatches, I am still working toward my ideal pet, but have come across several very good ones in the process. The real, fun, though, has been the multitude of new pets and hybrids that KingsIsle has been adding in and players have been discovering.

New Pets, New Combinations

Decius Duelmaster, the KingsIsle employee responsible for pet hybrids, has dropped a number of hints on the official Pirate101 forums, including a note that over 300 pets are available in-game right now. To date, the Wizard101 Wiki only has about half of them listed. That means there are twice as many pets as we have discovered available at the moment. Locating them is the trick.

The Iguana and Holiday Pets

The Crown Shop introduced two pets in this update. One was the Jungle Frog, a pet that initially confused me, as it looked very much like the Thorny Toad. This is a new, first-generation pet, however, and surely comes equipped with its own set of talents. The Iguana is an all-new pet, with an entirely unique body structure which seems to match that of the Frilled Lizard in the Morphing tent. Hmm...

Pirate101 Christmas 2014 Pets
Decius has also hinted that among new hybrids are holiday pets, so the Santa Claws and Ostrich in a Pear Tree pets are being mixed left and right.

New Drops!

When Calamity, Kelsey, and Harmony did a quick Antinous run, they got a new Frog pet. But not the usual one - a plain old frog. This was a brand-new pet, and one of several discovered in a short period of time. I'm wonder what other locations we've not been farming that drop pets.

New Talents to be Found?

Between the Iguana, Jungle Toad, Black Market Spider, Frog, Santa Claws, and Ostrich in a Pear Tree, I wouldn't be surprised if there were more than a few new talents. They're not very widespread at this point, so some surprises may still await us.

Hybrids, Hybrids Everywhere!

With so many new pets being found, there's plenty of possibilities for hybrids. Not only that, but Decius is saying that we should now be trying old combinations that didn't work before. They might produce something.

The Horned Toad

Shortly after locating the Frog pet, a brand-new hybrid, the Horned Toad, was discovered. Following Pirate's hybrid trends of fire and ice, this devilish amphibian is one cool pet, and perfect for any collector. It is a combination of a Ram-a-Lam and Frog pet.

Pirate101 Horned Toad Hybrid

The Lavalanchula

The Black Market Spider has had a number of tricks up its sleeve (or sleeves... eight of them), producing two new hybrids so far. The Lavalaunchula (if you can spell or say it) is an awesome pet. It's essentially a flaming spider, with some very cool designs on its underside. This pet is a combination between the Black Market Spider and the Fire Toad. This is the pet pictured up top.

The Tarantula

This is kind of an interesting hybrid. It's pretty easy to get. It looks like the Black Market Spider, but it's different shades of brown. The Tarantula works like the Skull Island Macaw pet. The Macaw comes from hatching any pet with the Skarakeet, which was an exclusive pet from the Boochbeard Bundle and cannot be reproduced. The Black Market spider is the same way - it's an exclusive scrip buy. Hatching anything with it will either yield the pet you originally hatched with or the Tarantula, but never the Black Market Spider. Your odds of getting this one, therefore, are pretty good.

The Adventure Continues

Among all of the awesome new hybrids and pets that I'm trying to keep up with, I'm also finishing the last round of card-giving pets. I've leveled quite a few to 65, and now intend to compile all of them together as offers for a six-card pet. (That's one that grants six different cards if you didn't know.) I've got several threes, lots of fours, and a couple fives, but nothing with all six yet. I have one or two max-pedigree pets, but I'm more interested in what the pet actually does for me than what it has the potential to express.

What have you been hatching in Pirate101?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Thanks to Clumsy Calamity for showing me her Christmas pets in-game and offering some hybrid corrections.

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