Pirate101's Mysterious Missing Gear Set

Pirate101 Unknown Tiger Gear Set

It's cool to get hints from KingsIsle about what we don't know of in the game - hybrids, upcoming content, or whatever else - but sometimes you don't need to look very far to find something new. In this case, you needn't look any further than the Crown Shop.

Pirate101's Unique Approach

Wizard101 had some cool gear designs, there's no question about it. But they just recently started halfway doing something that Pirate101 has been doing for years now.

Boss Gear Drops

Only in Pirate101 will you find a huge range of gear drops that look exactly like what a boss is wearing. Everything from Captain Swing's purple-and-orange tophat to Fin's Goggles. There's plenty to go around, and I've actually been working on a guide HERE.

As Seen in the Spiral

It's amazing how long we'll go with new content and NOT find everything that's new. Pets are one example. We have under 150 located, with over 300 confirmed by KingsIsle employee Decius Duelmaster to be in-game right now. We're still finding hybrids and new pets today.

Gear is no exception. Not long ago, it was discovered that Captain Swing dropped a set. The difficulty was that he could only be farmed while Bonnie Anne's last promotion was active. Once you handed in the quest, you chance was over. And it still works that way. But, with Swing's gear being tradeable, you can raise up another character and farm and transfer the gear. Most bosses will drop gear without these special requirements, though.

Pirate101 Kora Sword

Henchmen Background

Pirate101's Henchmen are a whole new system. Instead of auto-casting spells, you control your henchmen like any other companion, and the class and level you buy actually has all of the powers and abilities that a real pirate character of those same specifics would have. That means it's essentially like adding another character into your battle without adding any more enemies.

Obtainable Gear

All henchmen wear a gear set that is a mixture of different items, including the weapon. Oftentimes, you'll see them wearing unique boss gear, such as the Pug Ugly Stovepipe from Underdog, or the Metal Guardian's gear. This being the case 95% of the time, the few anomalies that exist make things interesting for sure.

Mysterious Mask

One of the Mooshu henchmen is wearing an odd cat-like mask. It's one that you can actually get in Wizard101, but it isn't found in Pirate101 yet. This could mean a few things. It could be dropped somewhere we haven't farmed very much or it could be unreleased completely.

Fierce Fiona Carson

This female henchmen is the center of attention in this discussion. She's wearing a complete set of gear we've not found yet, despite numerous attempts to match existing gear. It became clear after awhile that hers was unique, and that inspired farmers to go looking.

Pirate101 Unknown Henchman Outfit

Her sword, which is pictured here, is a unique item, but it's not unknown. It's a sword called Kora, and it looks much like the Ophidian weapons, but has no listed drop location on the Pirate101 Wiki. You'll see these in the Bazaar every now and then.

The gear, if you look closely, has some tiger symbols on it. That's a major clue. These are found on both the hat and the outfit, with the boots simply having a similar look.

Potential Locations

Since there are only four pieces of gear total among the four on each henchman of each class or each level tier that aren't known, there's reason to believe that this gear is out there. You have to remember that KingsIsle has limited resources and seeks to make the best use of them. That's why the Olympian Bundle was such a huge hint. They had new textures, new music, new wand animations, and more. That was a huge giveaway for Aquila in Wizard101. Sure, they may make some new textures or something for bundles, but never that extensive and never music. This in mind, we can logically assume that this is player gear.

Tigers of Marleybone

The symbol on the items is clearly a large cat. The natural first place to look is Marleybone's Tigers, who seem to fit the requirements perfectly. There aren't a lot of option; there's only one location with any tigers at all. And a single boss is there. He's in the Walkie Hotel, a three-fight dungeon that typically isn't farmed for anything. Perfect spot, right?

Pirate101 Unknown Henchman Boss

This guy is even wearing the turban! However, the gear just doesn't match. The style is perfect, but it's not quite right, and boss gear is usually quite exact in Pirate. He also hasn't been dropping a boss chest, suggesting he has no unique loot table at all.

Marleybone Expansion

Perhaps the most logical explanation is that this outfit belongs to a boss that has yet to be released. He could be from Rajah, where most people believe the tigers are from. It could be that we'll also go to Albion or another part of Marleybone in the future and meet a new boss that drops this gear. It may be that these items were simply pulled from that boss for a henchmen without realizing they hadn't been released, or perhaps as a hint. I imagine keeping what has and hasn't gone live straight between the live realm, test realm, internal servers, and development is difficult.

Unreleased Gear

The third and final possibility is that this is unreleased gear. Not just in the sense that we haven't seen it yet on a bundle or in a future world, but that it was something used on a henchmen that didn't make it to the live realm elsewhere, making it a one-of-a-kind set on the henchman only.

The Wild Goose Chase

At this point, the noted boss has been farmed and the gear could not be located, so the search has essentially stopped. At some point, either when a lower-level character is questing through and gets lucky, or a future expansion comes and we see it in an obvious spot, this gear will likely show up. It'd be tough to search for it at this point.

Where do you think this gear is located?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Thanks to Destiny Devereaux, Beatriz Abbott, and Autumn Walker for help obtaining pictures of this henchman and her gear.

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