Swordroll's Blog Update Notes

Over the past couple of months, I've been updating things around Swordroll's Blog here and there, and just recently spent a few extra hours getting everything together for the end of 2014. Here's what's new on the site!

What's New

A few of my big focuses have been updating old guides (often by request of readers), fixing a few key Battleboard Builder issues in preparation for an upcoming update there, adjusting the site structure, performing major updates on the Doubloon Database, and adding in the Disqus comment system to try it out.

Site Guides

  • Moo Manchu's Tower Drop Guide has been updated with about 30 new pieces of gear. There are now 99 of 113 items.
  • The Fish School, Location, XP, and Rank Guide has been updated several times with all new fish, holiday and otherwise.
  • The Fishing Badges Guide has been updated with new ranks and corresponding XP amounts, plus new badges for number of fish caught.
  • The Skeleton Keys Guide has been updated multiple times with new drops and images.
  • The Epic Fish Hunting Guide has been updated with a few corrections and additional tips.
  • Relevant post guides have been added to the Guides page.

Battleboard Builder

  • Some spacing issues were corrected with tiles.
  • Mousing over clickable tiles will now show a hand cursor, indicating that you can click.
  • Some image and button placement issues have been corrected.
  • Buttons should now look correct in most browsers, including Internet Explorer.

Site Structure

  • Some header images have been converted from PNGs to JPGs.
  • Higher-quality images are now used in the header.
  • Some old sidebar modules have been updated or replaced by new ones, including a Popular Posts section.
  • Some spacing issues have been corrected with the navigation bar that follows as you scroll.

Doubloon Database

  • The Damage Doubloon is now renamed Weapon Power Doubloon to match in-game changes; several doubloons have been updated, several categories have been changed to retain alphabetical order, and some doubloons are still in the process of switching over.
  • Level 70 and 75 doubloon category pages are up and running.
  • Nearly 100 new doubloons have been added, from both the recent Doubloon Contest and the latest Pirate101 update (including the Nefarious Tower, Grizzly Beast Pack, and Black Market doubloons).
  • A new page is now up and featured! It explains the trading process.
  • The contributors panel has been updated, and a new Contributors page is up.
  • Several brand new types of doubloons have been added, including the ones from the Grizzly Beast Pack. You will also now see these on the "Sort by Type" page.
  • New Nefarious Tower, Grizzly Beast Pack, and Black Market sorting options are available.
  • Level 70 and 75 slots have been added to many category pages.
  • Old doubloons found in either Moo's tower or the pack have had those locations added to their individual pages.
  • Some spelling errors have been corrected.
  • The main navigation bar will now stay on the top of your page as it does on the main site.
  • Some doubloons previously added to the database but not sorted by world are now fixed.


  • Swordroll's Blog is now in a testing phase for using a new comment system - Disqus. Let me know how you like it. It may or may not stay.

Feedback Appreciated!

I'm always interested in what you think, particularly with the comment system, which I am torn on. Let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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  1. Wow! You've been busy! Thank you so much for your guides off to reread the epic fish section. :-D


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