W101 Collections: Some Assembly Required

First, I got some inspiration (HERE). Now I'm ready to decide what I'd like to start collecting and begin putting together pieces that I have. From there, I'll have to decide how I'll be improving and expanding on those collections. For now (the second of four posts in the series), I think it's time to take a look at what I'm interested in.

Needle in a Haystack

The problem with fining anything on my account is that it could be anywhere. The exterior or interior zones of my twelve total houses across my account, five attics, six banks, six dorms, a shared bank, and who knows where else? I am very careful never to trash anything or sell important items. And yet somehow, my entire Epic Bundle outfit was missing from my account one day when I had KingsIsle do a search. They were kind enough to return it, but I've experienced these same issues in locating things ever since. And so the search begins...

Way A-head of You!

I've already got several things picked out. The chief among them? Bobbleheads, of course! Bobbleheads are only available through packs on a normal day, but I've snagged a couple from code giveaways on Twitter and I've purchased a decent number of packs in my time, so I don't figure this will be too hard to at least get started on.

Continuing will be another thing. Because they only come from packs, it'll take a lot of luck and crowns to expand my collection. I found a few, but I haven't searched everywhere yet. I think I need to start checking more houses and seeing if any are hiding in my redemption window.

Off the Walls

Tapestries were another thing I decided to start collecting. I went searching and came up with about four total. Not too impressive, and not quite like Frostcaller's collection in my last post, but a good start, nonetheless. The problem was that I'd been avoiding the fansite tapestry contests, and now I'd need to pay closer attention. That and a few House-A-Palooza giveaways were the only ways to obtain them, minus just a few. The arena was one available for arena tickets or from one of the bundles. The Bazaar came from another bundle. The Caliburn one was also from a bundle. The Nightside one was from a pack. I suppose it's time to start getting into contests again!

Let the Games Begin!

While searching for some of these other items might turn into its own challenge, I do have some existing collections that may just need to be consolidated to one wizard. For example, all of the minigames. No, I didn't buy any from the Crown Shop, I farmed for all of them back when they could be sold at the Bazaar. I have multiple copies of several, but one complete set in my Acropolis as part of my entertainment area.

I also have quite a few of the unique wands, which I worked hard in contests to grab as well. Some were very easy and others were very difficult. I'd have to check to be sure I actually have a complete collection, however.

A Game of Thrones

There are a few other sets of items that I had thought of collecting that most people aren't really after. One of them would be thrones. There are actually several thrones available, but a lot of them aren't just any thrones. They include all of the Zafaria thrones, and there have been rumors here and there that even more exist. Many come from Grub Guardian, meaning this'd be a great collection to expand.

Then there are a variety of other things that I could collect or consider collections - mounts, housing games, houses, plants, treasure cards... But for right now, it seems I have three or four collections in mind that I'll be sticking with.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back?

Any collection takes time and/or money, but I'm concerned that some of these collections might take too much of an investment. For wands, it's fansites. For tapestries, it's contests. For bobbleheads, it's crowns, and for thrones, it's gold or Grub Guardian playing time. That may be one of the reasons Wizard hasn't hit a home run with their collections where Pirate has the available boss gear and such, but I'm going to give it a try anyway. First and foremost, I'm going to start checking houses in which I've dumped loot and assembling what I have from there. And based on the way I use those homes for storage, my collections have some potential from the get-go.

What do you all collect? Will you be trying to get anything new?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Are you in the central giveaway going on right now? They're giving away commons and bazaar tapestries. Maybe with a bit of luck, you could bring your collection to six.

  2. A collection you can get more easily is the music records. No one has really seemed to try to get to many of them yet. Along with that collection, what about all the instruments that can play themselves? Those two collections could pair nicely.

  3. Good-Luck with your collections Swordroll. Since the gardening contest with Morgrim ended I have been looking for a new challenge..... I think maybe a collection would be a good idea, but maybe something a little different. And of course there is the presentation of said collection - that would be fun to work on too.... Time to research.... but thanks for the inspiration. Tabitha.

  4. Where should I start, pets, mounts, tapestries, gear sets (yes I have plenty of those too), wands, bobbleheads and music scrolls.

  5. You should make more posts like this, I really enjoy reading them. :)


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