Pirate101 Panorama Teaser Analysis

Most of us know that Pirate101 posted a new teaser today on social media sites - it's an interactive Panorama showing the updated Avery's Court, and promises these changes this spring. You can see it HERE.

For those who aren't at a computer, there is a full panorama in image form below. You'll want to click to make it larger.

There are a number of points of interest. in this updated court. First and foremost would be the third stairway. Instead of only two ramps along the side, they now have a huge stairway in the center, replacing the balcony that used to be there. What exactly the purpose of this stairway is remains to be a mystery - perhaps it's purely cosmetic.

The Loaf of Bread

Those who follow me on Twitter will have heard it at least four times now - that shop, shown above, is a major new location. Even the Bazaar didn't get a spot in Avery's Court, so what's so important that it gets its own area? Paige Moonshade also pointed out that it has a painted sign, and only shops have painted signs. I still believe it's a loaf of bread, with the front slice cut and in front. 

It also almost looks like there's some huge nail or something near the top. Or perhaps it's just a protruding beam that I can't seem to wrap my head around from that angle. If it is, in fact, a nail, that should tell us a lot about what we'll be seeing in the shop.

Kelsey Fireheart edited an image of her own that makes it look like there's a bottle on the sign as well - a drink of Yum to go with the loaf of bread? Perfect.

Ship PvP?

That's been the most common guess for the added dock in Skull Island. I'm not a big fan of the fact that it's Aquilan themed here in SI, but it appears that we're far enough away that non-environment items have disappeared. So the eagle NPC is gone. Notice that the dock is not, however. That would indicate that this isn't a seasonal event or temporary addition - it's permanent. 

You can also see the eagle holding the Colosseum being Avery's house to the right. My guess is that that'll be at the edge of the skyway between Skull Island and Rapa Nui. It does indeed look like Ship PvP, but why would it be its own island and still have a transportation route from Avery's Court?

We do know now that the Musketeer's Roost will be staying where it's at. So if you all start to see holes in the dock, you know where they came from. (Won't that be blocking the line of sight from the windows below?)

People, People Everywhere!

Okay, not really. In fact, there are only two people in the whole image. The first one was considered by many to look like a mummy, however, it looks to me like he has an unpromoted Wing Chun. That would indicate that he's low level, as most of the developers who'd be testing this have agreed that they'd never skip an "A-list companion" promotion when it was available. 

This character, I'm guessing, has some new weapon (based on the look - repetition of a texture or shape like that isn't seen in any existing weapon), but isn't an appropriate level to have any new gear. More than likely, this is the starter cap that some pirates get, which is hanging on the correct side in the image.

Things start to get really crazy when you take a look at the final person in the image. He's not only wearing some interesting-looking gear, which appears to include a full face covering, but also has a brand-new

Yes, it looks like Ol' Fish Eye, but it's not. It's some other pelican, who looks to be wearing a helmet of some sort, which Ion suggested is a miner's helmet and also mentioned that he's wielding a pickaxe. I can't tell for sure. Whatever is coming is coming soon - and I'm excited! What do you think of this newest teaser?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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  1. Wow I'm going to start new characters just for the new spring update. Thanks Swordroll! Also do you play alongside anyone in pirate101 if so I'm a lvl 22 witchdoctor named Gavin Debouff.


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