Analyzing the Latest Pirate101 Teaser

Pirate101 Shrimp Class Companions

I'm sure you've all read the Pirate101 March Newsletter (HERE), and seen the latest teaser image, but I'm pretty sure that the whole community is divided on what this one means - I think I've got a pretty solid answer.

MooShu? Celestia? Khrysalis?

These were the world names being thrown around for the origin of this odd creature, who certainly looks to be of a more... cosmic origin. He could be a sort of bug or undersea creature. His robes could definitely fit either MooShu or Celestia. And perhaps he does come from one of these worlds. However, if you read the newsletter page, it clearly states which world he's from:

Avast, Pirate101 fans! This here be an interesting and (also “completely barmy”) concept art of a Skull Island character you've never seen before!

Skull Island - plain and simple. But if you think about it, that makes perfect sense. 

Pirate101 Shrimp Class Companions

New Class Companions!

Remember Ol' Fish Eye's friend in the Musketeer's roost? A variation of the pelicans from Jonah Town. And the hammerhead-type shark in Vadima's sanctum? A variant of the sharks all over Skull Island, particularly in Cutthroat Bay. This creature here is a shrimp - just another Skull Island variation.

The reason this one is driving people crazy is because they can initially be a little bit tough to see. Plus, he doesn't even remotely look like something off of Skull Island. But his origins according to the newsletter seem to state otherwise. My theory is that they're all new class companions. Why? Well, someone asked Blind Mew about the two we know: "Will we have more mystery NPCs in the other trainers quarters...?" Blind Mew responded: "Who says they're NPCs?" Plus, the shark in the second teaser talks about joining your crew.

Class Quests Sure to Please

We do know that these guys have to at least start out as NPCs - after all, the one with Ol' Fish Eye has a yellow exclamation point for starting a quest over her head. This indicates that she is not a continuation of the main storyline, but instead offers us a side quest.

I can't imagine they'd stay in the trainer areas, which is just another reason why it makes sense that they'd be companions. But because they ARE in this area, I would guess that their quests are going to be rather interesting - whether or not they're be for high levels or involve a lot of challenge I am unsure. Perhaps they'll be new companions for lower levels with a few promotions.

So Who Gets the Shrimp?

We know that Musketeers get the bird and that Witchdoctors get the shark. The shrimp, however, isn't wielding a definite weapon like the ones we see in the pictures, probably in part because it's art and not a finished model. Or, will it attack naturally, without a weapon?

My guess is either Privateer or Swashbuckler. It has two antennae that would work quite well as a Swashbuckler-type weapon - they always seem to carry two daggers, where Privateers carry a sword and shield and Buccaneers carry larger, more damaging weapons.

Either way, I'm hoping Crown Shop equivalents of each of these guys are available, because the shrimp definitely seems like the one everyone needs so far.

What IS this Update?

That's a good question. It's driving me completely barmy! I wanted to say it was for sure the next extension of Valencia, and perhaps that's it, and it's so obvious that they aren't hinting at it yet. But the evidence seems to point more and more to a Skull Island expansion or rework. We've already seen the teaser for the adjustment to Avery's Court (not to mention that entirely new dock), so something must be changing.

As to what all of these things have to do with each other? Your guess is as good as mine. But I'd certainly love to hear that guess - so let me know what you think. Is this whole thing just a Skull Island expansion? Or something much larger?

Let me muddy the waters just a little further before you go. We've seen a lot of Skull Island photos, yes. But Blind Mew also posted this on the official message boards: (Speaking of the next update) "I think you'll find it full of surprises. There's a reason it's been a long time coming..."

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Whoever this is, I'm most interested in their background. I don't think I've ever seen a creature like it in either it a hint at what's coming next? A new background connected to an upcoming storyline? Player-candy to make theorycrafters twitch? Blind Mew's more than right - this update's not only worth the wait, but worth the think in every way. Nicely written!

  2. Ooh, didn't think about it being class companions. I don't really consider it an idea, after reading your blog I think it's going to happen. Thanks for posting. :) I think they;re going to add updates to SkulI Island, such as the companions, updates to Skull Island and Ship PvP. I don't think that's the only thing that's going to be released. I think we're also going to have a main world since Blind Mew did say the next update will be full of surprises. I don't think it would take too long only to create ship PvP and companions. I think it has to do with a world too. We'll see! :)

  3. Now we know, that thing's a Prawn, they are not companions, but enemies, seeking to use the Cutthroats to take over Skull Island, all Prawn we have seen are witchdoctors, and are very confident in there 'superior intelligence.'


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