Upcoming Content Hints from Ratbeard

We've been paying attention to all of the obvious signs and hints about the new update in Pirate101 - teaser images, tweets and Vines, etc. But there are some really great posts on the message boards that tell us just as much, if not more, than these teaser images.

Step Aside, Blind Mew!

Ratbeard is bringing the action this time! From a story standpoint, there's not a lot you can hint at, especially when users don't know yet what the next world will be. However, things are a little different from a systems standpoint. We know about epics and powers, we just don't know how they'll develop and expand with each update. That being said, there's also a lot we can learn and a lot that Ratbeard can't hint at, either, like new systems that might include Ship PvP or other activities.

Use of Rank 3 Epics

I intend to talk more about these in the coming days, but I've recently been testing a few out and questioning their use. I asked Ratbeard about a few, and he responded:

Overwatch (and Parting Shot) will definitely be reduced to 2 squares. They've been working as intended on my local copy for quite a while (but as you know by now, not every patch is an opportunity to squeeze in every bug fix we'd like to see.)

As I have mentioned a few times, we have a lot of UI improvements coming up that will make Epic Talents easier to understand-- and if Repel Boarders is broken or under-utilized now, it won't be.

This implies to me that some of these talents might be seeing some updates other than just repairs to how they work. Speaking of epics, a Swashbuckler and Buccaneer debate started up on the forums, and one player proposed that Buccaneers get Second Chance and Swashbucklers get Relentless, to which Ratbeard replied "That's not gonna happen." So if you're trying to guess the epics for the next update, you can cross a few off the list.

Transparency of Power Statistics

Ratbeard also answered a bunch of very interesting questions about some of the specific percentages that you see in combat. For example, increasing stats like Will, Agility, and Strength can increase your chance to see Burst Fire, Relentless, or Mojo Echo by up to 25%. Likewise, having the third version of this talent can increase that percentage by up to 25% (probably on the same curve as Bonnie's Second Wind).

He even specifies how much dodge Riposte and Return Fire 3 add: 15 per dodge (though it lasts only one round. He also mentions that Blood Flames is not working as intended. The thing that's interesting is that we wouldn't normally get this kind of information, but Ratbeard starts his post by saying:

Let me first say that many of your questions will be answered/clarified in some of the upcoming tweaks to the UI that I've hinted about recently.

Since you'll know these things (and much more!) soon enough, I'm happy to provide answers this morning...

He also answered a question on Poison, saying that it is affected by your spell power, meaning there isn't a lot that non-Witchdoctors can do to increase that damage minus choosing Krokotopia as their home world for the Spooky bonus. He then adds that there are a few major things they're working on.

As for your other issues, we have been working on a few player-friendly enhancements recently that will:

1) Improve those camera angles,
2) Make damage values more transparent and easy to predict, and
3) bring a few "behind the scenes" stats (like spell power) out from behind the curtain.

Promotions and Crossover Powers

Who's getting a promotion this next update? I'm thinking Old Scratch is due for one. We know that one set of five companions is getting one. Ratbeard gives us one more hint:

As the level cap goes up, there will be room to promote other companions from Aquila (who shall remain nameless, but who may or may not be the son of Zeus) and their epic talent slots will surpass Nausica.

It is also convenient, then, that he mentions Hawkules in his other intriguing answer:

I don't think Jack would let me say much. 

I'll see if I can slip this past him-- though it does not answer your question directly (because I suspect you're more interested in your own character than your companions...): 

You know how Bonnie Anne (a musketeer) got "Stock Assault" at her highest level promotion, giving her a crossover melee power for her arsenal? 

That's a design direction I intend to pursue further with all of the main companions, giving each one some kind of crossover power-- so, for example, Sarah Steele might someday throw some daggers, Hawkules might rip up a huge boulder from the ground and hurl it, and so on. I'd like for each class to have at least one option to change their attack style. 

As for player characters, we have some new "talent" code that makes talent ranks easier to use, so you should expect to see many more places where you can pick up extra ranks of all your talents (as well as talents you don't normally have access to... as well as some brand new talents... as well as REDACTED.

Here's where things get interesting. I'm guessing we're going to start seeing more than another epic choice on some of these promotions. I'd guess that several are going to have some interesting powers attached, some of which are new to us.

"Many more places where you can pick up extra ranks of all your talents" would imply that we're leaving class trainers and getting more ways to train those epic abilities - and so frankly, it doesn't matter what specifically that is, whatever it is will completely revolutionize Pirate101. Being able to pick up extra epic abilities? We'll have to see where that leads. 

So far, each update has provided us with higher ranks of talents we already have. New powers, yes, but not talents or epics, which are very different. If we are going to get new talents, they ought to be interesting. Not to mention that last bit that didn't make it through.

Totem Stitching and Additional Updates

Ratbeard hinted on another thread that totem stitching was undergoing some issues, but was in the works:

The problem with totem stitching is that some totems (like eyepatches) appear on your character, and some don't. If all of the data matches up we can allow stitching. We can't let you stitch a totem with no visual data to a totem with visual data-- the new item wouldn't know what it was supposed to look like! We've been adding some code recently to solve that problem, and you can assume we'll continue allow more. We know you like stitching!

And finally, One-Eyed Jack gives us a little insight into one of the upcoming features. On a thread mentioning that we are able to see a mounts and pets tab in our housing panels, he noted that "This is definitely a hint of things to come!"

Alright, who's ready for this update!?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Thanks to SorceressMiklai for assisting in taking the photo of the MooShu turret. Original message board questions by Lucas Walker, Sparticus32, Golden Guardian, Row4n412, and ValkoortheVictorious.


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