It's Only Weird if it Doesn't Work

I've got a very special post today! As part of a joint effort between a number of bloggers, I've been able to nearly perfect a few methods of increasing your drops in Pirate101! That's right, get exactly what you're after without the endless hours of farming you'd spend before... all with a few relatively simple tricks.

Ratbeard's Vital Hint

It all started with a tip from Ratbeard. He was asked to dispel farming myths, one of which being that there's no way to increase your drops. He included some very interesting information which I'm happy to share. Are drops affected by any factor?

Purely random. 

Of course in good conscience I must confess that there is no such thing as "purely" random where computers are concerned-- computers typically generate a pseudorandom number, which is nevertheless random by any observable human standard.

And if you want to get really metaphysical about it, I suppose you could argue that, at the subatomic level, the entire universe follows a prescribed set of rules and there's no such thing as "random" at all. 

In fact thanks to the Butterfly Effect, it may be possible to affect the loot roll by rubbing your tummy and patting your head before opening any chest, despite that chest being nothing more than a virtual object composed of 1's and 0's and hosted on a server in a temperature-controlled environment in an undisclosed location probably, but not necessarily, a thousand miles away, somewhere in the continental United States.

Because I don't want to give away too much when it comes to loot rolls, you will have to experiment with both the rate and direction (clockwise, counter-clockwise, and/or contrariwise) of the head patting and tummy rubbing.

This needed to immediately be put to the test, but I left that to a few others (you'll find links to their research below). I decided to perfect the method. Patting your head and rubbing your stomach seems relatively simple. As you'll quickly discover, it's much more difficult that you might imagine, but with time, you'll be able to master basic belly-rubbing and head-patting. Here's how.

Perfecting the Art of Stomach-Rubbing

Proper rubbing of the stomach involves clockwise, counter-clockwise, or contrariwise (which I've found to work best) movements of the hand on the stomach, as shown below. Clockwise and counter-clockwise movements made quickly and precisely produce the best results, save for contrariwise, which is somewhat more difficult to master.

Ratbeard also suggest combination moves, which may include, but are not limited to, both clockwise and counter-clockwise, or clockwise, counter-clockwise, and contrariwise.

Head-Patting Frequency

Just as important as mastering the stomach-rubbing is perfecting your head pats. Speed is everything. Quickly-paced pats will out-perform slow and sluggish taps any day. You may choose to use one or both hands for maximum efficiency.

Should you choose what is widely believed to be the most effective method, you will need to combine the use of the two-handed head pats with the clockwise and counter-clockwise combo motion (potentially throwing in contrariwise as you learn it) on the stomach. This one is usually the toughest to master, but produces the best drops, as I'm sure your results will reflect.

How It Works

The in-game treasure chests appear to have no relation whatsoever to actions outside the game or made by your pirate, but it is the effects Ratbeard describe that make it possible. The binary code of which the chests are made (ones and zeros) seem to have a direct correlation to head-patting and stomach-rubbing, and the rates and motions are used to manipulate those digits into the items your are searching for.

As you observe the results of your particular method on the ones and zeros within the coding, you'll learn which items use which combinations of numbers, and we can slowly put together a chart of every item and the exact belly-rubbing and head-patting combinations used to obtain them.

Warnings and Precautions

Before attempting this method, it is recommended that consult a specialist to determine if head-patting and stomach-rubbing is right for you. I should warn that this may be particularly difficult with tall hats or armor lacking flexibility. I recommend avoiding this method when using sharp objects or equipment.

So long as you keep this in mind, you should begin seeing results in no time - I've already acquired a variety of drops I never imagined I'd receive using this method.

Success Stories and Further Testing

I didn't discover everything alone - and I certainly haven't covered every angle, either. There are a couple of others that joined me in the research and each took their own angles on the topic, and they're all worth the read. Give them a look.

Click to read:

What methods have you used for successfully obtaining drops? As always, thank you for reading and see you in the Spiral! Note: The accuracy of the information provided may have some relation to the date of this post.


  1. Oh. I was very confused until the middle of the article and realized it was april fool's. You got me.

  2. HAHAHAHA! Just realized it was April First while reading all these posts!

  3. I always grab the reagents in dungeons (on wizard). Always take the third spot. And fell and come back. However, if it's a full moon, i put on the stormhound pet, as he can see crystal clear on a full moon, through all of the bad loot to get the good stuff.

    This method only works when said stormhound has been raised to mega on nothing but gobbler drop and chocolate covered strawberries. Any other games/snacks negate this effect.

    On pirate now, it all depends on your house. Say, if you're looking for a level 65 item, you must have no less or more than 65 items inside and outside your house. The ratio must be 30 inside and 35 outside. If you want a specific item, i found the best way is to copy/paste the item name from the wiki (no you can't just type it, it has to be copy/pasted) and put a smiley after it just before you deal the final blow.

    I will try the tummy rub later, but Im not so sure about the head patting.

  4. lol the gif is good. Well done.


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