Pirate101 Skull Island Expansion Boss and Drop Guide

Not long ago, the Pirate101 Test Realm opened and introduced a Skull Island expansion - three new quest chains for three of the members of Ratbeard's crew in Traitor's Cave. Each one has its own five-fight instance at the end containing a boss that drops items that you might want to check out even at level 65!

Woah, What Just Happened?

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Ok, so unlike my last few days of posts, this one isn't long and drawn out, but rather, a guide, and one that I think you'll enjoy.

The Fun Begins!

Anyone who has progressed to this point in the story can get these new quests, including level 65 and up pirates. Just head to Traitor's Cave in Blood Shoals to begin. Here, you'll get all the new quests. I recommend starting with the parts in that area, then leaving when all of the quests require you to go off the island. 

Epic Drops From Epic Bosses

These fun-to-fight enemies drop some really impressive items, even for later in-game. They include cards like basic charges, Swashbuckler hits, and infinite-range Musketeer attacks. One thing that's curious is that the Sneak Attack damage is labelled as Magical and the Sniper Shot damage is labelled as Physical.

What's interesting is that a lot of these not only give a power (which can useful for any level), but also a mastery of some sort. It may be a 5% weapon damage increase, or it might be a spooky increase (and there are very few ways to increase this otherwise, so take advantage!). Spooky affects all spells that don't use your weapon, including shields, traps, and heals.

The final thing I noticed was that one item gave an increase to critical chance. This is only +1 bonus, but besides two or three powers that are class-specific, there's never been a way to increase this otherwise. That could be pretty important, especially with changes to buffs.

This guide is quite simple - I'll explain each boss and show the drops below. As new drops are acquired, they will be added. All items are No Trade and No Auction. If you have a new drop, let me know! Note: Keep in mind that the damage displayed on cards is not the same for everyone. It varies based on level, gear, talents, and class.

Floating Dutchman

Ch'ok Ak'ab

Emperor Prawn
This boss is part of Moe's quest chain. The badge for completing it is Crab Boiler.

Location: Captain's Cabin, Maria Celestia, Perdition's Cauldron
Health: 236
Level: 6
Class: Buccaneer
Abilities: Turn the Tide, Repel Boaders, Blade Storm, Pestilence

Notes: He has an ability that weakens nearby enemiess! Unlike the others, you must defeat all enemies in this battle. Keep in mind, you can't do more than 1/3 of his total health in a single hit of damage.

This boss is part of Manny's quest chain. The badge for completing it is 'Saur Winner.

Location: Chamber of Fire, Pyramid of Fire, Xol Akmul
Health: 202
Level: 5
Class: Privateer
Abilities: Coward's Bane, Improved Mojo Blast, Readied Spell

Notes: When he gets down to 1/3 of his health (it is impossible to do more damage than 1/3 of his health in one hit), he will heal himself to full health. You cannot beat him, instead destroy the statue.

This boss is part of Jack's quest chain. The badge for completing it is Prawns Medalist.

Location: Master's Lair, Skull Cap Cove, Skull Island
Health: 191
Level: 6
Class: Witchdoctor
Abilities: Readied Spell, Mojo Rising, Drain Magic

Notes: Blockades himself with crystals which must be destroyed to gain access. You can bypass this with a jump ability or certain ranged powers. You only have to defeat the boss.


Let me know if you have any more drops! Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Thanks to Sheldon for two images from the Floating Dutchman. Published with his permission. Thanks to flash33, Darkfyre, morlokc, and Ion!


  1. The Floating Dutchman also drops a pet, the Quackosaur

  2. As does the Emperor Prawn, also Ch'ok Ak'ab drops a Dinolizard

  3. Why do I get the feeling that Drain Magic (from Shrimpy Helmet) is going to be an upcoming Witchdoctor Power?
    -Omar Underwood

  4. side note. dutchman and prawn always drop a rare every battle. ch'ok does not he seems to mostly drop a pet snack over a rare loot.

  5. ty for the info. helped out a lot

  6. Why do the charms and totems drop every fight, while the rings don't? anyone know?

    1. Because Ch'ok Ak'ab is free-to-play, while the others you have to buy or get membership for. If you have those areas or are a member, it would just be better to defeat the other two and hope forthe best.

  7. Thanks helped a lot, but I am level 65 so can you do a list for Aquila or Marleybone? 😸

  8. I found a new one! It's a shrimpy amythest necklace that gives you sniper shot AND a plus 5 will bonus.

  9. I got a ring that gives rouse and increases agility from the undead dino dude

  10. Do any bosses drop pets?

  11. Yes, the Quackosaurus and others are reported from multiple of these bosses. I think the Dinolizard is the same way, though the boss in the Volcano is where you're most likely to find it. The Quackosaurus is typically dropped from the Dutchman.


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