Quick Update to Site Graphics

I've been busy working on updating the graphics for the site to better your experience here! Check out what's new and changing! Most of these updates happened behind the scenes, but they're important nonetheless.


  • Characters have been updated with more recent versions of their outfits, and higher-quality screenshots and renders
  • Buttons, navigation, and site elements have been cropped, re-sized, and in some cases re-formatted for faster loading while maintaining high-quality standards

Page Elements

  • Backgrounds and buttons on pages have changed formats for faster loading, but should still be visible at their highest possibly quality
  • All images have undergone hosting changes

Additional Information

  • Some image maps have been changed to better accommodate viewers using Internet Explorer
  • Images in posts will not be affected by this change - those are still the highest possible quality in the best possible image formats

Testing and Feedback Needed!

I always prepare my updates before moving them to this live site so that you don't have to go without the blog for a long period of time, but it doesn't always run smoothly. I encountered several problems during this update, and even had to quickly redo some image maps during the two-hour downtime, but everything is complete and should be working properly.

I need you to go check out the various pages of the site, including the four Guides pages, the Entertainment page, the Community page, the Tools page, the Contests page, the Submissions page, and the Privacy Policy page. Note the loading times and pay attention to the images. Leave any feedback on this post.

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. I was midway commenting when I accidentally exited the window lol. Guide pages are flawless as always and the Entertainment page looks remarkable. Community and Tools look uber epic (what's new there >.<) and the Submissions page is very laid out and organized. Contests I believe is displaying what it should be. The "Swordroll's Blog Advent Calendar". I'm not sure if that's right or not so just check it to be sure. Privacy is neat and organized and all the pages load quickly and efficiently. Why are you so good at all of this!?!? lol 10/10 job well done man. I love the new header as well incorporating the P101 characters as well. Very nice selection.

    Keep up the great work man! :)


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