Bazaar Issues Reveal Unreleased Items

Yes, those are new staves in Wizard101... not yet released, and yet, three or so exist in-game after they mysteriously appeared in the Bazaar during a string of bazaar events... Ha, that's punny!

Fancy Yogurt

A rank 9 Mega Snack, not able to be auctioned by any player, and yet, they were restocking every few minutes in the Bazaar... up to a full 100! Of course, they were rather expensive (about 9000 gold each), so you couldn't buy many at a time, but it was a great way to spend some gold.

Whether or not this was a glitch is unclear, as no-auction snacks never should have had a price put in the Bazaar to begin with, much like Crowns gear sometimes shows up there and can't be bought with its cost of 0. And yet, there they were, leaving several to wonder if KingsIsle dropped in a little gift.

The Fancy Yogurt Frenzy, as named by Destiny in her post HERE, had us all logging in as quickly as possible to grab these normally expensive pet treats.

Gear That Followed

Not long after, a bunch of gear showed up of all sorts. There were actually one or two pieces of level 96 gear, which had the same design as one current set, leading me to believe that despite having been split up into two pieces, Khrysalis will actually still have three designs for every gear type.

Seth (Seffers, $eth, etc.) discovered some of this new gear, including this level 88 robe that could not normally be auctioned, but showed up in the Bazaar with the same appearance as some other Zafaria gear.

Among other items there were crowns gear - from packs, bundles, everything. Even one crown shop helm. Of course, we've seen a glitch like this before with the crowns gear, but you cannot buy it. The cost shows up as "0," and the Bazaar doesn't read it because there's no price put in as items like this were never intended to appear there.

Gear from Part 2?

Perhaps the most interesting thing that showed up was a set of three wands. They're pictured above, but here are some closer looks and stats. Each one has a different name that supposedly relates to something in Part 2. They're all for level 95 and up only.

The Myth wand is the Staff of the Great Magi. It's location is unknown. The curious part is that they're crafted. That would indicate that we're either getting a new vendor, or a new crafting quest, or both from Part 2. That would make sense - this would be the third wand design, which wasn't released until part two. The first two are already out.

The Life wand is the Stave of the Kondha Desert, supposedly one of the areas in Khrysalis Part 2. The states on these, as it evident after seeing a couple, are not terribly impressive. They're essentially Hades wants without the pierce and with a small amount of critical, which is disappointing considering the fact that the Hades wands are so simple to get. People can even port in to fights for such wands, where these must be crafted. This wand currently belongs to Seth.

The final wand there was the Stave of the Falling Skies, which I assume refers to the Starfall Seas, which ought to be one of the first new areas. If you look at the staves, they are shaped like butterflies (suggesting that if they're not from Part 2, they'll be from a Khrysalis-themed pack, but packs don't have school-specific wands), but I imagine they're very sharp blades. I currently own this one.

These new wands were a great peek at what is to come, but they leave some burning questions. How did they get there? They're no auction to start with. Is this something a KingsIsle employee intentionally or unknowingly sold there, or was there some issue with the Bazaar that caused them to appear. Was this something external? Did someone get into Wizard101? These are the questions players are asking currently.

Whatever the case, seeing, and even obtaining some of these new wands was pretty great. I was admittedly frantic in my log-in attempts, hoping not to miss this opportunity. What do you think these are? New Part 2 wands? Will you be using them for stats or appearance?

Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Thanks to Seth for showing me some of these items and for providing the photo of the level 88 robe and allowing a photo of his character and wand to be taken. Both are published with his permission.


  1. The fancy yogurt had a price tag, because right when mega snacks were introduced they were crowns shop only and were auctionable. I guess KI never removed their price, but they use to be auctionable.

  2. I say R3N0 did it, even though I 0.1% believe him he 67.9% is still questionable and 32% is for me just blaming him for the recent stuff happening on Wizard101.

  3. Now if only something like this happened in P101...

  4. well, im only level 63 or so, but this could really be great!
    although, I still hafta admit, its actually hilarious: in a mysterios way...



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