Wizard101 UK Sheds Light on St. Bernard Pet and Yuletide Gear

I logged into Wizard101 UK this afternoon after reports surfaced of the St. Bernard pet being spotted there. And sure enough, I ran into a wizard named Matthew, who was happy to allow me to take photos of his impressive new dog. Plus, he revealed some information on it... and I also caught some Yuletide item looks.

The Rescue Rover

Perfect for long journeys into the perilous cold and snow, this new pet is the latest to add to your collection. Matthew noted that he had hatched for his, so he couldn't be sure of the original, but because Wizard101 UK has already released the Yuletide pack, it is suspected that that's where this pet comes from. It gives an Ice Hound type spell and is rumored to start with a pedigree of 66 and include Unicorn in its pool.

The dog's idly animation is simply sitting, pictured above. What do you think he'll cast like? How will he dance? And is that a barrel of Yum around his neck? I was glad Matthew had shown me his dog, but in the process, I uncovered more new Yuletide items as well. 

A Wintry Getup  

I saw the stats on one level 60+ wand and caught one player with the robe, but it had already been stitched with different stats. The wand didn't look too bad, though.

More important than the stats, though, was the look. That was impressive. I can't wait to see the male version and a full set in action!

Short one tonight, but I did want to give you a look at this adorable pet. If you're in Wizard101 UK, look for me in my outfit at the top of this page - I'll have my candle wand and Yellow Candy-Cane mount for the Yuletide season! Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. I already have over 200 different pets and now I gonna have to get this one too. Your killing me KI

    1. haha! this blog is awesome. anyway, tell me about this 200 pet thing. I like pets.

      liam redstaff


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