Christmas Contests, Events, and More!

Swordroll's Blog has gone into Winter mode! And with some new decorations came a new contest that a few of your picked up on early. Plus, the UK has some upcoming events, and December Newsletters have been released.

Swordroll's Christmas Contests

If you haven't seen it on the sidebar yet, there's a piece of parchment with today's date and a character or creature from either Wizard101 or Pirate101. Click on that each day to view and enter for the Advent Calendar. I don't draw winners every day, I will draw the winners at the end. You can simply enter once per day.
You'll want to use a valid email address so that your prizes can be mailed to you (ask your parent's permission if under 13!), and fill in the date and creature or person next to the number of the homepage here. This will ensure that no one simply shows up on Christmas and enters for every day of the month, but it will also mean that you've got to return here each day for your entry!

One lucky winner will get a Christmas surprise - 10,000 crowns to spend in either Wizard101 or Pirate101! Other winners may also receive wands, packs, crowns, and assorted items. Wizard101 UK contests will begin later this month.

Wizard101 UK's Advent Calender and December Activity Schedule

Wizard101 UK will be hosting a number of events at which several owners will be present and potentially handing out prizes. Here is our schedule:

All events take place at 6 PM GMT

December 7 (Saturday): Pagodas, WW, TotH, Nastrond, etc.
December 8 (Sunday): Couch Potato Farming in GH

December 14 (Saturday): Pagodas, WW, TotH, Nastrond, etc.
December 15 (Sunday): Couch Potato Farming in GH

December 21 (Saturday): Pagodas, WW, TotH, Nastrond, et.c
December 22 (Sunday): Couch Potato Farming in GH 

Wizard101 UK also has a daily Advent Calender. You must answer a question, and the winner is selected from the correct answers. View it HERE.

Winter is Coming!

Christmas has also arrived in the world of Wizard101 and Pirate101, with special, holiday-themed items and a vendor in Wizard City. Wizard101's newsletter is HERE and Pirate101's should be up soon HERE. Both games have their winter launchers from last year up again.

Stick around for more surprises this month! Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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