Wizard101 UK Contests: Christmas Puzzle and Raffle!

It's contest time in the UK! Want to win some awesome prizes? This is your chance. In honor of Christmas in the Spiral, this year, our contests have begun for some very exclusive prizes! 

Christmas Puzzle Contest

Hidden around this website (in the pages, in posts, etc.) are twelve puzzle pieces. They are abnormal shapes that will all fit together in a rectangular image. You will need to assemble this image in any program (Paint is fine or if you want a free download, search for GIMP) and be the first to email it to swordroll (at) swordroll (dot) com to be declared the winner.

The first person to complete the puzzle will be awarded an exclusive code for a Blue Raptor Blade and Storm beetle, pictured above. These wands and pets are only available via fansite code and do no exist otherwise in the UK game. 

To give you a better idea of what you'll be looking for, here's some information:

  • Your first piece is shown on the right! There are eleven more to find.
  • Pieces are abnormal shapes that form a rectangular image.
  • The image contains a message at the bottom.
  • You should expect at least one piece on one of the pages, and it may be within a page guide or something that you may have to expand.
  • Most pieces will be in significant blog posts

Good luck in your search! Pieces are hidden at the time of this post. This contest ends December 31 at 5:59 AM GMT and winners will be announced an contacted within 24 hours. 

Rafflecopter Contest

For those you that aren't puzzle masters, you can enter the raffle below, in which one person will win a Blue Raptor Blade and Storm Beetle pet.

Good luck! Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Thanks to Duncan Stormthief for his Storm Beetle images!


  1. For me is very easy to use it :) And happy Holidays to all who makes this awesome site.

  2. I like when when I wake up some new contest here it is :) Thanks for this cool site Merry christmas

  3. My favourite part about the UK community is that we are very friendly and people who like to help others. We're a unique family. :P

  4. Loving the UK launcher! Beautiful artwork. :)

    1. Yes, that's the Winterbane bundle stuff. It would seem that the UK graphics department gets all of that to use as they please!

  5. My favorite part about the Wizard101 UK community and Wizard101 community in general is all the nice and outgoing people.

  6. I love that we can easily be close to each other in the UK community

  7. My favorite part about the w101 community is that our support really cares for us unlike usa, for example UK Has Fun Fridays US doesnt thats the advantage we have over US ^^

  8. My favourite part about the Wizard101 UK community is the smaller size compared to the US. You constantly see familiar faces and become acquainted with lots, yet still regularly meeting new faces!

  9. My favorite part about this community is that Gameforge are seriously giving us their best in recent times. Look how quick the updates for Aquila and Khrysalis were. This is something they have improved from the past which is nice to see. One more thing is that the support are really king and they respond to almost everyone with an answer.

  10. Another awesome part of Wizard101 UK is that it is small in population and that the are always wizards willing to help especially in hard and tiresome dungeons/


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