The Round-Up: Charity Mounts, Surprise Gear, New Commercial, and More

Wizard101 Noelephant 2013 Charity Mount

The Yuletide Festival and the twelve days of Wizard101 and Pirate101 have hit the Spiral head-on. But in the excitement, have you caught the more subtle updates? New spell drops, a new commercial, Yuletide Gear, etc.? It's all here.

Charity Mounts!

Each year, KingsIsle offers an in-game mount for 7500 crowns that is completely exclusive - if you don't buy it this season, you'll never have another chance. They had the Meowmadon, the Chrismoose, the Fa-La-La-La Llama, and the Noelephant this year. All proceeds benefit local Texas charities up to $50,000. I haven't purchased my mount just yet, but I'm planning on doing so in both games... it's a good cause, right? Johnny has a great look at the mount HERE.

Yuletide Pack Update

Here's your first look at the updated Yuletide Pack gear- currently available in the pack, though the pack is not yet in the Crown Shop. I had one leftover from Edward Lifegem. In it, I got two of the new hats.

Wizard101 Yuletide Pack New Gear 2013

Johnny suspects that the St. Bernard pet is also dropped from the pack, and that's make sense. However, I didn't get one, so don't hold your breath. The stats on these hats are a bit strange - I halfway wonder if they's aren't done with them yet. I see one set with universal stats and one geared toward damage with relatively low defenses (save for Life).  This confirmed for us that these items seen in a recent KingsIsle email are, in fact, from the Yuletide pack, and that there are probably three sets.

Wizard101 Yuletide Pack New Gear 2013

Pirate101 Test Realm Opens!

....With updates to the Buccaneer class, changes to Musketeers, and a number of other fixes. But perhaps the best update is a cosmetic one. There's new gear in Skull Island - one set for each class. One look, that is. But it's dropped all over the place, even in regular mob chests.

Pirate101 new class gear 2013

This is the Swashbuckler set. Cret92 has revealed the (Click class to view thread) Buccaneer, Musketeer, and Swashbuckler sets. I really love updates like this, and we've never seen them before in Wizard101, so perhaps they'll catch on. Full update notes are HERE.

Twelve Days of Wizard101 and Pirate101 Begin!

It's actually thirteen, but who's counting? Over the next few weeks, we'll be getting new surprises every day, from new items, to freebies. Usually there are some new pets and gardening items - perhaps the St. Bernard pet will be a crown shop one on one of the days. Wizard101's page is HERE. Pirate101's page is HERE.

New Khrysalis Trailer!

Wizard101 has released a new trailer for Khrysalis! Unfortunately, not even the studio that did it has posted anything yet, but one wizard was quick enough to grab a camera to record it on the television. Thanks, Autumn Dawnstrider!

Looks great! Can't wait to see the full-quality version. And this one is less CG and more in-game footage. And that works, too, because Khrysalis has a lot of good stuff, and we're only halfway through. 

New Dropped Spells!

There was a rumor floating around that the Loremaster was dropping new spells - and a few pictures recently confirmed that the Krampus spell is dropped there currently. So if you've got a Fire wizard or Fire Mastery Amulet, you'd better head on over there. The thread where this was originally posted is HERE. Will she also drop the Snowball spell as Johnny suggests?

The UK Holiday Is Here!

The daily advent calender (separate from our contest here) is going on every day HERE, and Felix has arrives in the Spiral there! Stay tuned for more information and upcoming contests there.

Wow... did I miss anything? Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. The male hat looks like Elsa's crown (sorry, reading Art of FROZEN) from FROZEN.

    1. I think the Attire looks like the Burrower's Attire from Khrysalis...

  2. I wish I had crowns on p101 my birthday is coming up but I am not able to afford any such a bummer but the game is still fun

    1. I question the music in the commercial, I'm hoping it will be the Morganthe Battle theme... :D

  3. I saw the commercial on TV too! :D


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