Top Five Halloween Hangouts, 10 Halloween Comments, PvP Talk, and Feedback Saturday

Seeing as my one-turn farming of Nightshade is getting quite repetitive, it's time for another blog post with some essential Halloween segments and a bit of PvP Talk. And what's this about Feedback Saturday? It's all here in the latest blog post!

So Halloween time brings lots of new things to do, the quests, for instance, if you hadn't previously completed them. There's farming for both new and old Halloween gear, and plenty of exciting bosses to be fought, but what are the best "hangouts" during Halloween? What location will be both populated and profitable for your character? Where will you find the most people? I've compiled a list of the top five "Halloween Hangouts."

5. The Commons. The Commons? The Commons. This is where you'll meet your first Scarecrow to begin your Halloween quests, which are quite extensive. Work on your quests and you'll gain small rewards like gold and Black Cat treasure cards throughout the different streets and different Scarecrows. By the time you complete all of your quests, you'll have access to the Halloween Towers and a new boss, as well as a Plain Pumpkin Mask! It may not be the most beneficial area, but it's the link to almost every other area on the top five list, plus you'll find a ton of people here who can answer and questions you have about Halloween.

4. Spooky Bob. Here you will also find an area which is quite populated. Spooky Bob is selling all of the latest Halloween items, including some popular outfits. Did you know that if you have the Skeleton Costume and put it on a female character/mannequin, it will turn into Witch's gear? This is true for Witch's gear and male characters/mannequins as well. You can buy a broom or other wand, or maybe a new Halloween pet.

3. Nightshade's Tower. Nightshade is a quick one or two round fight. He drops some surprisingly valuable gear that can really add up and fetch quite a handsome price. He'll occasionally give you some Halloween gear too, maybe a nice wand, piece of the outfit, or even a pet! I recommend farming by yourself or with only one other person. Seeing as you'll spend more time out of the battle than in, you don't need others slowing you down!

2. Baron Mordecai's Tower. If you can develop a one to three round farming method for this boss with one character, you're in good shape. His Halloween drops are more frequent. He, however, like Halloween and its items, will only be around for the month of October. I prefer farming here because of the better drops for only a bit more effort. Maybe Nightshade is better, but we all need a little variety, right?

1. You guessed it, the Halloween Towers. Now you won't see it overcrowded because so many people are already inside, but you will find groups preparing or individuals looking for a group. Any level 50 or above who can heal should be able to handle it on their own, and most Legendaries should make it through with few problems. The trouble here is that you're in a multi-floor instance. The Dragonspyre drops, however, usually make it worth your time, and the final boss's Halloween item drop rate is bound to be better than that of other bosses. Plan for quick attacks such as 4 pip AOEs or spells like Tempest. If you can kill the basic creatures in one round with a set strategy, the tower will seem quite short.

I'm back with some more of my semi-funny comments for you to... read anyway, but I'll cross my fingers for a laugh.

1. "Didn't I defeat you last time through this tower?"

2. Where does Spooky Bob keep his black cats and how many years of bad luck is he up to?

3. "May Cast Unicorn is a Nightmare." "No, silly, it comes from a Night Mare."

4. "Still no Wyvern from these packs? Where's the Angry Pumpkin Mask?"

5. A talking skeleton sold you a flying zombie pig?

6. A realtor, you say? Allow me to direct you to the back of Ravenwood.

7. Now THAT's spooky.
(Click to enlarge)
7. See picture.

8. Have. Dragon. Ghost. Must.

9. "You mean I can't buy a Black Cat with gold? 'Crayons?' Which color do you want?"

10. I can't take you seriously with that Lollipop Wand.

And now it's time for PvP Talk! PvPers aren't discussing the new Unicorn talent in the General PvP Section of Wizard101 Central... they took their arguments straight to Wizard101 Feedback (Read by Kingsisle)!

Many players were not happy with the release of this new talent, considering the fact that healing boosts are already quite high. Others argue that the talent won't activate much and is used to balance spammers who use AOEs on the first turn to try to win a match without giving the other team a chance. Let't take a look at a thread from amia-taryn, who says:

"May Cast Unicorn is a bad idea for pvp. Imagine in a 4v4 match with at least 1 person from each team that has that talent... Yes, it isn't pretty. Most 4v4 matches consume a huge amount of time already and this talent could possibly make them even longer. Now also imagine killing everyone but one person in any match then Suddenly, their pet casts unicorn. This spell could make PvP more frustrating that it already is on top of the multitude of things wrong with it. So anyways is there anyone who agrees or disagrees?"

Drake says:
"I disagree completely. Do you know how many times I go second to a bunch of storms with no talent but just pack their deck full of gargantuan-tempest and all they do is spam the heck out of it? I'm so over it. I stay in 2v2 and even find it there sometimes. They put on their not-so-hard-to-get storm critical gear, and win with no skill what so ever. Heck now I may have a chance, unfortunately based on luck from a pet, but hey, if they are basing luck off of all their criticals why can't I? Fight fire with fire. I was watching a match just other day and some kid runs around saying, "anyone want to join my spam team? You must be storm!" Maybe these healing spells will even out this horrid critical system. My longest matches are 1v1 and 2v2. I don't know what matches you are getting but my 4v4s barely last over 45 minutes. Average is about 25 minutes."

Johnny says:
"This most likely isnt the end either lol. Watch there be a may cast satyr."

Wonderer says:
"You are right. Just imagine that talent AND spritely on all of your opponents pet. I mean spritely is enough already but a may cast unicorn? Bad idea."
In the end, "May Cast Unicorn" really only balances what already exists. If it's that big of deal to people, they need a new strategy! That concludes PvP Talk this time around.

As Falmea is out this week, Greyrose is filling in, but she didn't quite make Friday, and so she introduced Feedback Saturday this week. The Professor says:

"I want to hear about what you thought of the voices in our most recently added world of Wysteria. Run around, talk to the many characters that inhabit that land. Decide which voices fit the best, or didn't quite fit, which you liked and which you weren't too fond of, and let us know here on this post or on our Facebook page at"

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  1. Nice post! And funny quotes :] I am upset its the lollipop wand that's the limited item because it was there before D:

  2. Thanks for the info, Swordroll! (lovin' the quotes)

  3. Hey Swordroll, I'm still not getting any more quests from Jack Hallow. Did I miss an important memo or something?

  4. I'm assuming you're a member, so you're able to finish all of the quests. If you haven't finished any current quests he gave you, check to make sure that you do that. It's possible that he sent you to his "twins" on the various streets who gave you quests there, and so nothing may show up above Jack Hallow's head. Check your quests to see if you have any for collecting ghost, visiting apple tubs, talking to Scarecrows, talking to pumpkins, or defeating any Scarecrow bosses. There may also be one to talk to Malorn Ashthorn that will allow you to start the Halloween Towers. If nothing works, you've probably finished all of the available quests; that or there's something wrong. KI is doing maintenance tonight, so if you check everything out tomorrow and are sure that you haven't completed them all, then email Kingsisle asking them about. Let me know if you have any more questions!


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