Wizard101 Wins Audience Award, Mystery Pet, Test Realm Updates, "The Unknown Pet Files" Update, Week Four Winners, An Ongoing Bonus, and Feedback Friday

Don't be fooled, this post won't be too long, there's just a lot of topics to cover.

You saw it in the title and if you didn't already know, Wizard101 won the Audience Award at the Game Developer's Choice Online Awards Ceremony for 2011! In the few minutes that Kingsisle was on stage, they covered quite a bit, so take a look at this clip provided by Wizard101 Central!

Of course you're all wondering - when's the pet coming. J. Todd Coleman was correct in saying that they finally figured out how to bribe their players better than the "League Of Legends" guys. League Of Legends won the Audience Award and several other awards last year at the first annual GDC Online Awards. Codes for the mystery pet that will be retired after this event will start arriving next week. Here's the official statement on the mystery pet:

Stay Tuned for your Mystery Pet
We want to thank all you Wizards once again for voting us the winner of the Game Developers Conference Online Audience Award! As promised, the mystery pet will be awarded! Starting next week, codes for this cool pet will start going out. The mystery pet will be retired after the prize codes are awarded, so this will be the last time it's available. Thanks again Wizards!

Any ideas on the pet? Many have assumptions. It could be a common pet that will now be retired or a fairly new pet. Maybe it will be an all new pet. Like other promotion pets, this pet probably comes with one hybrid and will not have the ability to be hatched.

The Test Realm has been back up and running, and although this has been on the Test Realm since the start, it's something you might not know - the Sunken Palace's interior can now be fully decorated - the water will disappear when you go to place items!

As you can see in the picture, the area of water, in placement mode, disappears with only the ripples left in view. Now you know where the water is, but you can still place items here. I've always loved the interior, but the water prevented me from buying the Sunken Palace - problem solved! I've never been too fond of the exterior, but I'm excited to try and decorate it!

So recently, the Wiki Masters gave away an Armored Skeleton! Could this be the mystery pet? Anyway, this is not the Skeletal Knight - it is indeed the Armored Skeleton. And so I thought I'd mention this - keep it in mind when thinking about "The Unknown Pet Files."

So it's time to reveal our Week Four Winners! Winners? Yes, if you remember correctly, the first two names on the List Randomizer will be declared winners of one code each! Here are your winners for the fourth week:

Codes will arrive in the next 24 hours!

Remember last week? I offered a bonus entry for anyone who could tell me what changed about the website besides the cobweb and pumpkin in the background! This will be an ongoing bonus and you can submit your answer to me at swordroll (at) gmail.com. This will earn you a bonus entry for the drawing next week where one lucky winner will receive five codes! Next week is also the last week of the giveaway, so be sure to "Like" us on Facebook! A blog in nothing without readers and fans.

Falmea is back with another Feedback Friday! Since it isn't posted in the game window, you can go HERE to submit your answer to the question: What do you consider to be the best pet talent? In my opinion, it's Spritely, but I hope they don't change it because of this Feedback, as Spritely had been the view of the majority.

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