Holiday Backgrounds, Poll Update, and Ten Facts You Might Not Know

Today's post will be relatively short, so don't worry, you won't be stuck on Swordroll's Blog all day reading the latest post.

If you're reading this, you probably noticed a bit of a change in the background. I decided to create backgrounds for holidays, and so here is Halloween's! My screen size is a bit different, and so you may or may not be able to view the entire pumpkin and spiderweb, but they're there.

I was wondering... would you prefer subtle white cutouts added to the background as opposed to a background in the usual style with Halloween images? I'm not sure which I'll end up doing, but I'm happy to hear feedback!
In other news, I've been keeping an eye on the poll, and I'm really glad to see everyone voting! It looks like the blog will remain "Swordroll's Blog" for now. I'll probably be closing it up early due to the ratio in votes, so if you have an opinion or haven't voted - be sure to share and vote!

Ok, a quick ten facts you might now know...

The old friend panel
1. The Nightmare's epic talent is "May Cast Unicorn," quite an excitement. The Ghost Dragon is 500 crowns more and its epic talent is Spell Proof... hardly an upgrade!

2. UK players can purchase the Swift Gryphon from the crown shop!

3. International players had the chance to unlock all of Wizard City and Krokotopia for free for a limited time through a special promotion.

4. Wizard101 has weekly giveaways on Facebook for free items every week... recently they've had giveaways for Nightmares, Storm Snowmen, and Umbra Blades.

5. The search terms "Zombie Piggle" have brought over 32 users onto my blog - just for this one search term. Naturally, the most popular post is "'The Unknown Pet Files,' Question of the Week, and Interesting Pictures," with 110 page views apart from being viewed on the main site.

6. Merle Ambrose could be compared with Merlin, whose worst enemy is Morgan Le Fay, who can be compared to Morganthe... something tells me that the two will collide before we see the end of this story line.

7. After the official announcement that they Frost hound was "hatchable," Jester (Wizard101 Central) and I hatched an Orthrus and Colossus and both received a Frost Hound 21 hours later - they were probably some of the first in-game. I ought to do a blog post about that whole incident (hint, hint).

8. Back in Beta, Wizard101 was free and included worlds up to MooShu. Krokotopia supposedly sold Ninja Pig treasure cards for 0 gold (free). One person was banned for buying too many.

9. When Wizard101 was first released, the best crown gear was available for gold. You could halve the cost of these crown items, or any other items, by changing the colors to brown.

The old realm options
 (Click to enlarge)
10. When the Bazaar was first released, you could buy and sell pets, and many players purchased their level 50 Malistaire gear there, too.

Hope you learned something! In other news, it's October 10th! Only two more days until the winners are announced for the Audience Award. If Wizard101 wins, they will give all voters a pet that will be permanently retired after this event! You can bet that there will be a couple of these codes stored in the Swordroll's Blog prize vault for later use, though!

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