Halloween In Game, "The Unknown Pet Files" Update, and "May Cast Unicorn!"

Halloween is back and in the game with some new surprises! Check them out - you may have won one of Wizard101 Central!

There are NEW PETS in the crown shop! You can buy the Nightmare, the Ghost Dragon, or the Zombie Piggle now in the crown shop. The Zombie Piggle costs 2250 crowns, the Nightmare costs 2500, and the Ghost Dragon costs 3000. You can buy the usual Black Cat from Spooky Bob.

Spooky Bob is also selling the usual outfits with a new Broomstick wand! You can also buy the special Lollipop Wand for gold from the wand shop for a limited time.
I'm interested in the new pets. The Nightmare can learn "Unicorn" which gives it the ability to cast Unicorn! The Ghost Dragon can learn Plaguebringer, and also has an epic slot, but it has yet to be discovered. As for the Zombie Piggle, I haven't seen its talents at all yet. The Halloween tower is back too, and the Baron's tower, the Halloween towers, Nightshade, and the Jade Oni, as well as other bosses, are going to be farming hot spots for Halloween items. I've already set up a one person, one round farmign strategy for Nightshade in hopes of the Halloween hat and robe (I got the shoes last year).

So with the release of the Zombie Piggle (I called that one!), we need to update our pet files once again! We're really narrowing down the list!

New Pet Gallery


  1. Hey Swordroll its Tabitha o: Hasn't the lollipop wand ALWAYS been for gold? o_o

  2. Perhaps it has... Kingsisle said that a certain wand was available for gold for a limited time. Or maybe the item was on sale for a limited time. I don't usually check the wand shop, and this seemed like the only holiday wand, but you're probably right.

  3. well maybe it was that wand Spooky-Bob carries and maybe it hasn't been released yet? We must wait O:<


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