The Nightmare Pack, A New Mega Bundle, Save on Membership, and So Much More!

Kingsisle hit us hard today with a multitude of new objects.As if I wasn't short on crowns already, they introduced the Nightmare Pack, consisting of the usual treasure cards and reagents, but containing all new items. This post is going to basically be an album considering all of the new items!

First, there are pets from the pack. The pets could be one of the following:
Gob-O-Lantern - A pumpkin-like pet that looks like the retired Red Gobbler and has a pedigree of 48
Ghost Hound - What was previously only a hybrid is now a 52 pedigree pet
Grim Scarab - This previously retired promotion pet is back up for grabs in the pack with a pedigree of 52
Death Treant - Similar in appearance to the hybrid made using a Satyr and Wraith, this 55 pedigree pet is the latest "growing" threat.
Golden Armored Skeleton - A 43 pedigree pet whose appearance has yet to be revealed because it has a 15 hour hatch time and the pack has hardly been available for that long
Myth Banshee - The latest in Banshees that's just screaming "adopt me."
Red Ghost - Another pet that was previously a hybrid is now available in the pack!
Nightmare - An already known pet that automatically gets Unicorn at teen.
Dream Ghoul - An already known pet available in the pack.
Dark Imp - An apparently darker version of an imp.
Pale Maiden - This previously retired pet with a chance of learning Feinting Spell is also available.
Ianthine Specter - A rare pet available from the pack
Skeletal Knight - One of the newer pets available in the pack
Lightning Bat - Oddly out of place in comparison with the other pets, the Lightning Bat is available in the pack.

Because the pack is only available for a limited time, one of these pets may be that reward for voting. The reward pet is scheduled to arrive sometime this week, so we'll just have to see for ourselves.

There's also a ton of new gear available! This gear looks like it's part of a Ghast and works well on a mannequin because is covers it entirely as far as a quick glance can tell. Most of the gear is giving two cards. For example, one robe gives a Scarecrow and Wraith. One hat gives a Donate Power - 3 pips for 3 pips - as well as a new version of Empower that costs no pips. You take 250 moon damage for two pips. There are also new staves - scythes, to be exact, complete with glows and symbols. They are actually for sale at the Bazaar, but when you try to buy them, it says "Not enough crowns," suggesting that this is a glitch. You can also get the Halloween gear from the pack, including the pumpkin hats.

The new mount (of course there's one) is the Nightmare! It's a ghost house with some deathly armor that is fairly appealing, but also probably very rare. So, as exciting as they sounded, I spent a bit on the pack, which costs only 299 crowns. It offers some great Halloween decorations, so take a look at some of those cool new cauldrons, pop-outs, lit furnaces, apple tubs, trees, Obsidian Fire Cat Statues, Jack-O-Lanterns, etc. Here's a look at what I snagged. If you want to skip these images, press Ctrl + F and type in "[Part 002]" and move down until you find it.

[Part 002] Speaking of mounts and excitement, the Black Panther and housing signs are in the live realm. That isn't the best part, don't worry. There are new mounts, pets, and gear running around, forcing wizards to drool over what is likely the next Mega Bundle!

A Hornosaurus is a new, HUGE mount which has wizards up and above where you can even see them. The interesting thing is that it's for TWO passengers. There were people testing the mounts and offering rides around Wizard City. There was also a colossal Hawk mount that had users flying sky high in this showy mount - if Kingsisle keeps increasing these mount sizes, before long, we won't be able to see the ground!

Of course, they also displayed impressive news pets such as the Giraffe and Hawk, as well as new sets of gear.

The most interesting part, however, is the new house - that's right, and African Getaway that completes the requirements for being a Mega Bundle. While you can see a lot from the pictures, you definitely can't see everything, including some probably yet-to-be-discovered passageways. It even has a Giant Gorilla that works like the Genie! Free items everyday! There's a bunch of new gear, an arena, and of course, a hidden area or two! Take a look at that gear - specifically two of those swords you see! Wow! These pictures of the house and the gear and pets speak for themselves! (I assume you don't want to skip these pictures, but if you do, hit Ctrl + F and type in "[Part 003]" and hit the down arrow until you're past them.)

[Part 003] That's not all (thanks, KI)! There are new tapestries that can be hung in your houses that allow you to teleport wherever is pictured. The only one currently available in one to Nightside from the Nightmare Pack, however, the new houses offer looks into future tapestries... no way, is that a shortcut to the Bazaar!?!?

Ok, so on a smaller scale as far as news goes, you can save on membership! Only $60.00 for a one year subscription which includes access to everywhere and unlimited PvP and Pet Derby matches, not to mention all sorts of member's benefits!

Between pictures and all, this has to be my largest blog post of all time! Now since you know that you loved this post, please subscribe to us here, follow us on Twitter, "Like" us on Facebook, subscribe to us on YouTube, leave a comment, and tell your friends! A blog is nothing without it's readers and its readers' feedback, so all comment - negative or positive - are greatly appreciated! If you haven't voted in the poll, it is closing sometime tonight, so be sure to do so. Thanks!

**Wait, there's more! Last minute - it looks as if anyone can hop onto that two person mount. And here's a video of the house!!**

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  1. Wow, nice long post. You must have spent a lot of crowns on that pack, I did, too. I really want the tapestry, scythe, death treant, and dark imp.


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