Pet Spotlight: Ghost Dragon and a Bonus Opportunity

Today we're focusing in on the Ghost Dragon, the latest Halloween pet. We'll do our spotlight is a question/answer format.

Where can I get one and what do they cost? Ghost Dragons are available for 3,000 crowns from the Crown Shop or Spooky Bob in the Shopping District. It is also likely dropped from bosses around the spiral, possibly Nightshade.
What are their initial stats? The Ghost Dragon's pedigree is 65 and it has 250 max strength, 225 max intellect, 250 max agility, 240 max will, 250 max power.

What special talents can I get? Your dragon has the potential to get Pip O'Plenty, Death-Shot, Mana Gift, Plaguebringer (Gives one Plague card), Spell-Proof, Spritely, Health Gift, Death-Giver, Death Trap, and Deathblade. It can get all sorts of derby talents such as Slick-N-Slide, Dead End, Bummer, Spiffy-Pop, Super-Pass, Enfeeblement, Stop Leader, East My Dust, Immunity, and Shh! Enfeeblement is all new! It subtracts 50 Strength, Intelligence, Agility, and Willpower from everyone for 6 seconds.

What kind of egg is it and how long does it take to hatch? The Ghost Dragon takes 5 minutes to hatch and is an otherworldly egg.

Does it give a card? Yes, at baby, it gives an Animate card.

Can it be hatched? Yes, a Blue Ghost and a Dragon will create this pet.

What snacks does the pet like or love? The pet generally likes death snacks. It likes 7 Layer Taco, Buttered Bread, Captain Canteloupe, Caramel Popcorn, Cauliflowers, Chocolate Strawberry, Crab Apples, Dastardly Radish, Flaming Soup, Flapjacks, Fries, Frosted Drakes Cereal, Goat Cheese, Golden Pizza, Golden Wheat Bread, Grilled Cheese, Large Fish, Meat Soup, Medium Fish, Orange Jalapeno, PBJ Sandwich, Pizza, Poncherello Chips, Rock and Roll Candy, Sizzle Smacks Cereal, Square Watermelon, Spicy Drumstick, Submarine Sandwich, and Tiny Fish. It loves Raising Bran Cereal and Taco Town Special.

What school is the pet? This pet is a Death pet.

Who completed the pet's talents on petnome? Swordroll, of course.

What's special about this pet? The Ghost Dragon is only available during Halloween and can definitely get some decent talents, and some good derby talents, too. No selfish talents present, and only costs 3000 crowns as opposed to the 12500 Sea Dragon who can get some annoying talents. It's perfect for a Death wizard and looks really neat, too!

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Thanks for reading! See you in the spiral!


  1. Edward Lifegem won last week, you can see it in the video two posts below.

  2. So it's the person who ends up at the top after the randomization? If so I was the winner on week two?

  3. That is correct. Heather Pippin won the second week.

  4. How do I contact you to prove this is me to receive my codes?

  5. I am fairly certain that if you are indeed Heather Pippin, you have received your codes via Facebook message. If I am incorrect in my assumption, and for some reason the message did not go through, you can let me know via Facebook message that you did not receive your codes, and I'll send you another couple.

    If you say that you are Heather, then I believe you, so if contacting me on Facebook is a problem, let me know another way that would work better. Thanks!

  6. Man I am so sorry here I am calling you out and there they are mailed on Oct 9th really had to dig around to find them but there they were! Thanks so much Swordroll faith restored :)

  7. No worries, Heather, I'm not always on top of my game, so I need people to keep me in line. :)

  8. Hi I'm an Lvl 10 death Overlord (1125) Rating<< I've leveled this pet up to teen and i got plague then adult i got mc death blade is it worth leveling up to the next slot?

    1. It depends on a lot of factors. What is your snack supply like? What talents are you aiming for? With your kind of rank, if it were me, I'd be starting a new pet looking for Spell Proof, Spell Defying, Spritely, Fairy, and Unicorn or Energizing Battery. Or maybe 3 of the 5, but definitely the resistance ones.

      If you don't have the snacks or time to do that much hatching, though, it doesn't sound like you've got a bad pet so far. Completely up to you!


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