"The Unknown Pet Files: A Second Look," Discussion of the Day, and Membership Savings

Ok, so let's jump right in... a while back, we took a look at "The Unknown Pet Files," and to this day, that has been our most popular and most viewed post! Today we're looking back at the files to permanently close some of the mysteries up once and for all! Thanks to projects mentioned in the post, and a bit of good luck, a lot of these pets have been discovered. Allow me to reintroduce portions of"The Unknown Pet Files!"

First of all, the Red Ghoul is so much found as it is identified. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that the Life Ghoul from the Wyvern's Hoard is this pet. The pet has a pedigree of 39 and gives a Sprite card at Ancient. To see the full list of possible talents, go HERE.

One of the first pets that was listed on the list that the Secret Hybrid Project was searching for was the Red Ghost. Well, now someone has discovered it! The Red Ghost is a mix of a Blue Ghost and a Green Ghost. It gives a pretty interesting card at Ancient (Red Ghost - 3 pips, 85% accuracy, Death, 200 death damage and +25% to all death damage spells). It does, however, take 21 hours to hatch.

Ok, so just a short bit of updating on the files (which may happen from time to time), and now we're moving on to our latest segment: Discussion of the Day!

Today's Discussion of the Day is brought to you from Wizard101 Central!

Today's topic of discussion is the controversy involving Wizard101's bribe to vote for them in the Audience Awards. Is it right for Wizard101 to give a free Wyvern's Hoard Pack (yes, free, see previous posts to learn how to vote) and possibly a pet if Wizard101 wins? Well, we could get into a deep discussion of morals and whats right and wrong, but initially, my impression is that it is just fine - it's only motivation after all, and I imagine that other games are doing similar things. There are two threads from Wizard101 that we're going to visit. The first comes from ShiKage: "Bribery once again..."

"Now KI wants us to vote for them in another awards contest which probably no one cares about in the gaming industry and in doing so we get a little incentive; A Wyvern's Hoard, and if they win an exclusive mystery pet that will be retired after the event.
How do you guys feel about this?"

So far, here are some of the responses:

Sandy: "Well we aren't getting punished if KI doesn't win, just rewarded if KI does. Don't see anything wrong with it."

Johnny:" Why do people only think Kingsisle uses this tactic? Im pretty sure other MMO's give something out for people voting for them. Its nothing new.."

ironbones1: "Indeed this is bribery. So? I couldn't care less! KI can do whatever they want. I bet if the people who managed the voting stuff heard about this, they'd probably disqualify them. I don't care! They had just better give me the wyvern's hoard. It's not like I'm in that competition."

So Cassandra sprite decided to create a poll asking if users would vote for Wizard101. The current vote is 48-7 (Yes-No).

timta10: "I wanted to vote for another game I play with rewards-but w101 rewards are better."

Eric the Thief: "Not going to vote, I wish that KI would improve the game in a couple aspects. If I were to vote for them it would probably be for the reward, which I don't care for. Doing so would make me feel a little like accepting a bribe, which I wouldn't like. It's kind of stupid to be idealistic when all the other games in that poll are probably doing something similar but that's just the way I see it."

flash333: "I voted not just because of the rewards, but also because I really didn't see any other game I really liked that much in the game developers category."

So what do YOU think? Is this bribery? Is it wrong? Tell us by commenting!

In other news, become a Wizard101 member and get 50% off your first month! That's only $4.95 to enjoy all that Wizard101 has to offer. Each month after the first will cost the usual $9.95.

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