Housing Tour Pick-Up Times, Vote For Wizard101, and the Evil Sandman

Remember Friday's blog post? It's time to see glitches mentioned in Part 1 of our decorating segment in action with a short tour of my jungle house! It's nothing special, but it's a good example of basic glitches.

Look for Galen, level 15.

The first pickup in Golem Court, Vampire Realm, will happen at 5:30 PM Central time.

The second pickup in Golem CourtVampire Realm, will happen at 5:45 PM Central time.

The third and final pickup in Golem CourtVampire Realm, will happen at 6:00 PM Central time.

I'm hoping you can make one of the times, but don't worry, I'm planning on having more housing tours as the Housing Posts progress.
In other news, Game Developers Choice Online Awards is hosting the Audience Award, in which players vote for their favorite game. Voting only requires that you offer a valid email address. Type in the game name: "Wizard101" and you will receive a verification email asking you to verify your vote. After doing so, forward your vote to community@kingsisle.com. Kingsisle is planning to award prizes to those who voted and let them know.

Don't miss out on the Evil Sandman, he'll only be in the spiral for another 2 days or so. The current clock time is 6 hours, 43 minutes, 13 seconds (For the current day). For a complete list of Evil Sandman talents, click HERE.

To conclude this short blog post, I'll remind you to comment, subscribe to the blog, and follow us on Twitter, and don't forget to tell you're friends, too! See you in the Spiral!

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