"The Necromancer's Diary" Introduction, Open House, Blog List, Teleporters On Sale, and Save On Crowns

Hello to all readers and fellow bloggers, I'm back with another reason to visit Swordroll's Blog frequently: The Necromancer's Diary, a comic that I've decided to create. These take quite a bit of time to make, having to capture, crop, possibly edit, and place each picture, not to mention other special effects and manually creating each speech bubble and adding all of the text. They look... just ok, at the moment, but I have a feeling that the title comic and format may change slightly over the course of the various release dates. And now I'd like to introduce The Necromancer's Diary! If you want this comic to continue, I need feedback via comments. If I do not receive enough feedback, I'll rethink doing the comic, as it is quite time-consuming, and I'm wondering how many people will read it.


Please offer feedback via comments! Thanks!

Despite the fact that I'll usually do only one main story, I seem to have gotten into two this time around. After reading my last blog post that included house decorating tips, I've completed a basic house (Wooded Cottage) decorated in the Jungle theme that I love so much.

A few pictures should show most of the major things. The house is only a demonstration of these glitches, it doesn't serve much of a purpose. It is mainly has a small forest and tiny jungle camp. Upstairs is decorated to be part of the trees, where you'll find a camp. Once the invitation expires, I'll be changing the house to the Dragonspyre theme which will then be open for viewing as well.

Decorating this house was quite interesting, and I've decided to use this overgrown theme on my Massive Fantasy Palace, although between that and updating the "Illustrated Guide to Celestia's Boss," on Wizard101 Central, I've had little free time, and only a part of the exterior of the castle has been decorated, and there's certainly plenty to go. Curious about what else I'll be doing? Don't worry, I'll be going over that decorating project and other tips in the next housing part.

As you may have noticed, I've now got a Blog List. There are a couple on ways to get on/off of the list.

Possible Ways to Get Added to the List
1. Leave a comment on any blog post
2. Follow/Contact us on Twitter and have your blog listed with your name
3. Email me at swordroll (at) gmail.com with your blog name requesting to be listed
4. Link to us on your site and have at least one person visit our site because of your link

Possible Ways to Get Removed From the List
1. Do not post to your blog for more than one month
2. Post something inappropriate
3. Act in a rude or unnecessary manner (on this blog or elsewhere)
4. Email me at swordroll (at) gmail.com with your blog name requesting to be removed

A couple of posts ago, you saw KI's video, "Now you're playing with teleporters," and now they're inviting you to make your own video. Here are the official rules and guidelines:

How do I enter?

Download this music: Wizard101 City Theme 
Create your video about Teleporters in Wizard101 using only this music.
Share your video with us on YouTube or Lydia Greyrose on Facebook
Share your video with us before September 15th 2011.

What can I win?

We will choose three videos, one winner from Facebook, one winner from YouTube and one overall winner.

Each winner will receive a code for 60000 Crowns!

Rules & Details

Players under the age of 13 can have an adult share the video with us.
For the video to be eligible to enter it must:
Contain only the music provided
Contain only video of the use of Teleporters in Wizard101
Not contain inappropriate chat or actions
Be less than 1 minute long
Be shared with us via Facebook or YouTube, no emailed entries will be accepted.
Entries received after September 15th 2011 will not be reviewed and are not eligible to win.

Winners will be announced September 30th, and featured on our YouTube and Facebook video pages.
Winners will be notified through the medium that they submitted the video from (Facebook or YouTube).

For this event, teleporters and packs of teleporters are on sale! If you're planning to buy your teleporters with crowns, now is the time to do so!

In addition to the sale on teleporters, crowns are also on sale; 60,000 crowns for $60.00!

Now, just because I'm done writing doesn't mean you're done here. Subscribe to the blog, follow us on Twitter, and leave a comment, but don't forget to tell your friends to do the same!

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