Celestia Exploration Video and a Bonus Opportunity

One of my favorite parts of every new world is exploring. I love seeing the scenery and new areas that Kingsisle created. Celestia hit the nail on the head as far as that goes. Instead of that same, old, street-with-a-unique-center kind of structure, Celestia s locations were each completely different and unique, while still flitting into one theme. I decided to create a Celestia Exploration Video, which took considerable time and effort, wrong files, unacceptable formats, etc., etc. Now if you'll notice, I didn't get my music to fade out, and you can now "Battle Monster like never before." I must say, I strongly dislike Windows Live Movie Maker. To be honest, I couldn't even view my video before it was completely published to YouTube because of its slow processing. In the end, though, the video turned out alright, and I'd be surprised if you've all seen the squid tentacle shooting through the air. Enjoy!

All of the content is original, I filmed it all myself!

So most of you know that if you "Like" Swordroll's Blog on Facebook, you'll be entering into a drawing for a chance to win KI Free Games codes! They could give you snacks, seeds, reagents, housing items, pets, minigames, permanent mounts, or even retired swords and wands! Last week our winner received three codes!

This second week of the drawing, I'm giving readers an opportunity to be entered not once, but TWICE into the drawing! If you want to enter for an extra opportunity, you can do ONE (1) of the following:

A. Create your own Wizard101 video and send me the video or link to the video at swordroll (at) gmail.com.
B. Write a list of ten 2-3 sentence tips for creating videos - they would be helpful to the community, and I could use them, too!
C. Write a two or three paragraph (3-5 sentences per paragraph) review of my video and blog in general and tell about anything you'd like changed, added, or removed.

You may only get one extra entry, but you're welcome to do all three. Please Note: this bonus opportunity does not stand alone, you still have to "Like" Swordroll's Blog on Facebook. If you submit an entry for one of these three choices and do not "Like" us on Facebook by the time the drawing comes around, you will not be entered at all.

Well that's all for today. "Like" us on Facebook to enter for the drawing, follow us on Twitter, become a member of the blog, tell your friends, post a comment, subscribe to use on YouTube, etc., etc. See you in the Spiral!


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  2. Hello, Heroic Pyromancer.

    It looks as though you're already on my blog list.


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