Test Realm is Live!

Despite the fact that I just posted an hour or two ago, I'm here to bring you the latest: the test realm has arrived with items you're sure to love! With a new mount and several new signs, you might be interested, but there's one picture that'll have you wondering what's next!

Upon seeing the log in screen, you are asked to test:

  • The black panther mount in the crown shop.
  • Updated maps for game worlds
  • New custom housing signs in the crown shop.

So here's the rundown on each item:

  • Black Panther Mount, 5000 crowns
  • Customizable Wizard City Sign, 500 crowns
  • Customizable Grizzleheim Sign, 750 crowns
  • Customizable Framed Sign, 1000 crowns
  • Customizable Marleybone Sign, 1500 crowns
After purchasing and playing with these items, there were some obvious ups and down. The customizable signs only allow certain phrases (pictured below), and they aren't evenly spaced, either. The tend to stick to the upper left hand corner. None of the new items are available for gold, which was also a disappointment. The world maps looked very similar to what they used to be, they just show everyone in the area without labels. Some of the text overflows out of the boxes on the world maps, but I suppose that'll get fixed sooner or later.

Overall, the update was ok, but nothing to be too excited about.

"New Signs and Other Stuff" Gallery

The framed sign

The Grizzleheim sign

The Wizard City sign

The Marleybone sign

Visit unlimited pages for future worlds!

Wysteria map that won't load at all.

Now here's something worth reading.  The mounts are now all labelled "1 PASSENGER." This suggests that in the future, we will have mounts that work for 2+ riders. I'm curious as to how this will work, and if we'll have random people jumping on our mounts, or constant messages asking, "Do you want to allow Name Here to ride our mount with you?"

So here are the possible messages for the customizable signs. They're in quite a mess, but you can get the idea (click to enlarge):

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Thanks for reading!

1 comment:

  1. I think with multi person mounts it would only be friends. Otherwise, yes it could get very annoying.
    They would be awesome for doing a dungeon with people though...

    Also, I really like your background and header! :)


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