Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Future of Wizard101 - Part 2: It's All In The Mind

Theorycrafters are responsible for a lot of Wizard101's business. If you've opening your latest Ninja Lore Pack, wondering "what silly distraction comes next," then you might just log off and slowly fade into the endless world of blogging and spending more time doing it than actually playing the game... um, yeah, I might be speaking from experience there. Anyway, because of all the ideas and theorycrafting, wizards are kept wondering what's next. When you really look at the complexities of the game, there are a surprising number of loose ends, and that's done on purpose. Bloggers literally from all over the world get the chance to tie them up for you... some is realistic ways, and others not so much. I'd like to present to you some of MY ideas about where we're going in Wizard101's future worlds, and some of the most popular theories on what's coming next!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Concept Art and Surprise Countdown

J. Todd Coleman has recently posted some new concept art - some of his favorite pieces. You can see one Dragonspyre concept above, but he's got castles, Wizard City, and even pre-dragon Dragonspyre concepts! All of the artwork includes the artist's name below the image!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Future of Wizard101 - Part 1: Merle's Crystal Ball

Remember when you first typed in "" You saw Merle, gazing into his crystal ball, at what would soon be you. You're the reason for Wizard101 - the players. If you want to be direct and say "money," you can take that route, but without YOU, Wizard101 could not properly function. To get your money, though, KingsIsle has to constantly update the game and its features to gain new players and keep old ones entertained. For the first part of "The Future of Wizard101," a four part series, we'll take an in-depth look at where our in-game future is headed based on what will be added because of player feedback.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Mystery Puzzle Solving Tips and Questions of the Week

KingsIsle has offered us the first major excitement of the year - a puzzle! This challenge, designed to be solved by each wizard of the Spiral, will reveal the next new piece of content. Every official fansite will be continuously offering pieces to add to your puzzle, when they aren't even sure what it'll be themselves. Let ME get you excited, though, because I have a bit of conclusion drawing to do that will reveal exactly what this new content is. And have you ever wondered what exactly the Spiral Geographic Society is? And what about your leopard pet with that Sprite talent? I got a few questions about these topics via email this week that I thought I'd post the answers here for everyone to read.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Foo Dog Winner and The Ninja Lore Pack!

Well, I've only got three entries for the free, random-colored Foo Dog, which means another easy win for one of our readers! I've got the winner for you below! Wizard101 has also announced and released the Ninja Lore Pack, but it doesn't come without controversy. No mount, few new items, no new theme, and rank 4 and 5 spells at any level... oh, and there's the fact that the only real updates we've received this year are packs... and we're two and a half months into the year!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wizard101 UK Dragon Shopping and a Look at the Coming Month

“It is year of the Dragon, and the Ice Celebration has melted away. The crowns shop has hatched a bounty of treasures thought long lost from an earlier time. A trove of goodies has been unearthed, so don't miss your chance before they are reclaimed and hidden away again from those persistent and driven dragons who horde their treasures away. Dragon pets, dragon cloths, dragon mounts and dragon blades! Even a discount on Evil Magma Peas, to garden your way to epic dragon training of your own for all the dragon pets.”