Foo Dog Winner and The Ninja Lore Pack!

Well, I've only got three entries for the free, random-colored Foo Dog, which means another easy win for one of our readers! I've got the winner for you below! Wizard101 has also announced and released the Ninja Lore Pack, but it doesn't come without controversy. No mount, few new items, no new theme, and rank 4 and 5 spells at any level... oh, and there's the fact that the only real updates we've received this year are packs... and we're two and a half months into the year!

The winner of the Foo Dog is... Paige Daisypetal! Your code will be emailed shortly, Paige! Congratulations!

In other news, I'm still planning on my four posts, I just need to find some free time to post them! Things have been busier than every lately, so I'm doing my best to keep up.

Wizard101 has recently released a new pack - the Ninja Lore Pack! If you read the intro, you know that the pack contains no new mount, only a few interesting spears and clothes, more MooShu items, a couple of new pets, and the ability to potentially learn one of three spells.

Let's start with the best parts - new looking gear and spears, with decent stats, too.

The new spells fit into the same category. Here's me training one or two.

Then there's pets. For every color of Wyvern there was, there's a color of Shenlong Dragon, which looks like a baby Wyvern - the same, but without wings, or as many decorations. Check out the Petnome Project (on our links) for a look at some of the talents!

While there are a few other worthwhile items, we didn't hardly get any crafted items this time, in fact, it's most reagents and treasure cards.

That's all for now - see you in the Spiral!


  1. Thanks so much much Swordroll! You have been a great help!

    Loved your post,

    Paigedaisypetal :)

  2. I think it's great that we can learn new spells without using up any training points...just my opinion :)

  3. If you happen to get an Ivory Shenlong, would you be able to hatch?

  4. I just hatched my Sea Dragon with an Onyx Shenlong Dragon. It's really cool and i actually like the idea of getting cards in the pack because KI is a business people! they gotta make money somehow! I'd reccomend if you dont like the idea of the whole collecting cards thing just get some others that have the mounts. Dragon's hoard, Wyvern's hoard ect.


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