New Concept Art and Surprise Countdown

J. Todd Coleman has recently posted some new concept art - some of his favorite pieces. You can see one Dragonspyre concept above, but he's got castles, Wizard City, and even pre-dragon Dragonspyre concepts! All of the artwork includes the artist's name below the image!

This first image is a very early, pre-dragon Dragonspyre concept. You can, however, still see the volcano at the center of the world.

Artwork by David Levy

When it was decided that Dragonspyre should be the home of the Dragon Titan, David went back to work creating another Dragonspyre concept in a similar style.

Artwork by David Levy
This next bit of artwork is an early concept of Wizard City, the very first Wizard101 world. The artwork, by Thierry Doizon, shows Bartleby surrounded by the villages and town below.

Artwork by Thierry Doizon

This next Wizard City concept looks a little bit more like what we're used to seeing. The city is layered more, and Bartleby's branches cover nearly the entire bit.

Artwork by Jeremy Love

This final concept is a Wizard City castle, created by Theirry Doizon, is an intricate little castle complete with a drawbridge and several towers.

In other news, if you haven't caught it, Wizard101 has released a timer leading up to Friday Morning. This has nothing to do with the puzzle, it's probably an April Fool's Joke. Last year, after a long countdown, a pet rock was released in the Crown Shop. Who knows what we'll get this year?

Stay tuned for some massive theorycrafting, including some thoughts on the puzzle! In the meantime, thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. This has got to be one of my favorite posts! The top picture has sparked my imagination!

  2. the first picture is AWESOME!


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