Mystery Puzzle Solving Tips and Questions of the Week

KingsIsle has offered us the first major excitement of the year - a puzzle! This challenge, designed to be solved by each wizard of the Spiral, will reveal the next new piece of content. Every official fansite will be continuously offering pieces to add to your puzzle, when they aren't even sure what it'll be themselves. Let ME get you excited, though, because I have a bit of conclusion drawing to do that will reveal exactly what this new content is. And have you ever wondered what exactly the Spiral Geographic Society is? And what about your leopard pet with that Sprite talent? I got a few questions about these topics via email this week that I thought I'd post the answers here for everyone to read.

Lets start with the puzzle. I can't post the pieces for you, or show you how to put them together, the best I can do is give you a general idea. There are already numerous pieces fitting together. Here's a view tips for solving and decoding the puzzle before you even finish it.

1. Start with corners and sides. KingsIsle has conveniently given us all side or corner pieces so far, so it shouldn't be too difficult to pick out what goes where. Try to rotate the pieces based on where you think they'll go.

2. Based on the following steps, we can assume that this is a new world. You need to "decode" your puzzle. Doing so can also help you figure out what pieces go where. In a poster for a new world, you will see the KingsIsle and Wizard101 logos. Where could they go?

3. There's always little corner decorations at the bottom left and right. What are they for this world, and how will it help us decide what world it is?

4. There's the world title, uniquely decorated at the bottom. What letters can you start to make out? What does the decoration tell you about the world?

5. Characters from the world are always outlined in black. Can you find any?

Good luck with your puzzle! Lets move on to questions!

My first question is from Paige Daisypetal:

I have asked so many people about the Spiral Geographic Society in Marleybone. Do you have any idea what that is? I got the quest, and it looks pretty hard.

Well, the actual quest involving the Spiral Geographic Society involved entering what is considered to be one of the hardest towers in-game, with multiple cheating bosses. Central is full of guides if you're interested in more information about that. To be honest, it has been quite some time since I've done the tower myself.

The Society itself is like any other - a group of people. They appear to be primarily from Marleybone. Thurston Plunkett, who we meet and save in Celestia, is a representative of the Spiral Geographic Society. The Society has archives around Marleybone, including the clocktower you'll enter during the quest Swimming with the Stars, though it has been overrun by creatures and bosses of all sorts... and no one plays fair when it comes to Spiral keys. Fortunately, this is an optional quest.

We really don't know too much else about the society, but maybe we'll learn more in the future.

Emma Dreamstone asks:

I have a question. (Well the subject mainly says it all, you know. lol) My question is that, can the leopard heal you with the sprite? Or spirit, whatever it's called? It would be great if you could answer that. Thanks so much!

This is actually quite a common question. The talent you are referring to is Spritely, and it gives your pet a chance to heal you in battle by casting a boosted Sprite spell on you. Don't confuse this with the talent Sprite Time, which gives a Sprite card that you must cast yourself. Your leopard should have the chance to learn Spritely, and if it does, it can use this ability.

The talent is activated by a number of triggers, just like any other "may cast" talent, though Spritely has a lot of them. Your best bet to set it of is using damage spells, but Spritely can activate when other people use spells, too. The one time it won't activate is when no one is casting anything. Some people claim to have seen this spell go off without any trigger, but that isn't possible.

If I haven't answered either of your questions, let me know, and I'll add to my answer. In the meantime, good luck with that puzzle, and see you in the Spiral!

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