Wizard101 UK Dragon Shopping and a Look at the Coming Month

“It is year of the Dragon, and the Ice Celebration has melted away. The crowns shop has hatched a bounty of treasures thought long lost from an earlier time. A trove of goodies has been unearthed, so don't miss your chance before they are reclaimed and hidden away again from those persistent and driven dragons who horde their treasures away. Dragon pets, dragon cloths, dragon mounts and dragon blades! Even a discount on Evil Magma Peas, to garden your way to epic dragon training of your own for all the dragon pets.”

The UK’s Dragon Shopping Event has begun! You can now take a look in the Crown Shop to find those rare items that eluded you in the pack, for example, the Bone Dragon for 15,000 crowns. Or pick your choice of gear or Dragonrider Blades. There’s also Dragon Wings if that’s what you prefer, or maybe you’d like some of those awesome dragon pets available in the pack! Check out the UK Crown Shop today for all of these items and more. You should see several pictures showing off their Crown Shop throughout the post.

If you’re wondering where I’ve been, I can tell you that things are always getting busier and busier, and that just about sums it up. I’m hoping for a great March, though, with some amazing posts planned, and planned updates to my guides on Central. 

First, I’d like to introduce someone new to the blog, though there’s no definite name for it. Each month, I’ll be doing several posts on one overall topic, or maybe a certain post series. They’ll all be different, but distantly related in some form or another.

I’m starting right away! Over the course of March, I’ll be releasing a four-part post series about the future of Wizard101. We’ll be looking at potential new worlds and content based on player suggestions, what KingsIsle asks us for, and more. And where is the game headed in general? What is needed beyond what is planned to keep players coming back?

That’ll lead us into one of the coming months, where I’ll be talking about Wizard101 vs. other games, and why Wizard101 may be losing so many of its end-game players. What do they need to keep us coming back continuously, and what are other games using to keep players logging in every day, every week, and whenever they can. One of the major Wizard101 problems is that there’s no diversity in the end-game whatsoever. Everyone’s still a wizard with their same or similar gear, and they’ve got only a few activities that all get repetitive.

You can also get ready for a full month coming soon with House-A-Palooza, where you’ll get an extensive housing tip every day, complete with pictures and a detailed explanation! You’ll see it all here, and get three additional tips and tricks exclusively at wiz101housing.blogspot.com, also known as Housing 101 – your source for all things housing in Wizard101.

This month, however, keep your eyes peeled for that four-part series, and a variety of other updates. You can also expect to see some possible mount contests like we had last year for Mount-A-Palooza, though, other than that, it'll probably be a relatively slow month as far as game updates go.

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral... if I ever get a free moment!

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  1. Interesting post Swordroll.

    I look forward to reading your 4 part post on the Future of Wizard101.

    I feel people will have very conflicting views and this makes it interesting, fascinating and debateable!


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