Wizard101 Emperor's Attic Pack Review

We've had a few packs with some unique furniture, but why not have one totally dedicated to it? The Emperor's Attic Pack is just that. It features a range of unique and often interactive furniture, and is still available today in the Crown Shop for 399 crowns.

Emperor's Attic Pack: What's Inside

The Emperor's Attic Pack is a little bit different. It focuses almost exclusively on furniture, with the additions of a few gardening seeds. When Wizard101 released this pack, it was an attempt at something totally new, and we haven't seen anything like it since.

Unique Furniture

For this pack, Wizard101 created a host of new furniture items, most based on Mooshu. Some, like the Koi Pond, are interactive, and even now, you don't see a lot of that. Some of these items quickly populated the Bazaar and have become easy to obtain, which devalues the pack in the same way access to crafted certain spells devalued the Immortal's Lore Pack.

Other items can't be found in the Bazaar and are actually quite rare. For a chance to obtain them and decorate your castle, you'll need to open up the Emperor's Attic Pack!

Furniture Grade: B
The community rates the furniture as:
 Great 9% | Good 25% | Average 34%Poor 32%


Beyond furniture, the one addition to this pack is seeds. You could potentially receive include Bamboo Shoots, Burning Snap Dragon, Deadly Helephant Ears, Fortune Cookie Tree, Goose Tree, Honey Bee Plant, Maltese Tiger Lily, and Venus Fly Trap. Many of these are labeled "No Auction" and several were originally only available in the Emperor's Attic Pack.

These aren't bad seeds, but many new plants have emerged that have taken serious priority among gardeners. Perhaps part of the community's present hesitation with these seeds is the fact that they now seem outdated.

Seed Grade: C-
The community rates the seeds as:
 Great 15% | Good 11% | Average 24% | Poor 50%

Pack Analysis

One of the really cool things about the Emperor's Attic Pack is that because it's full of furniture and seeds, you don't have any chance of getting other filler items like reagents or pet snacks. Instead, you know you're going to get seven relevant items. So yes, it's a specialty pack that might not be for everyone, but it works well for decorators.

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The Verdict

This was a pretty early pack for Wizard101, and a very different one. While it contains some worthwhile items, most are readily available at the Bazaar. That in mind, this pack rates slightly above average because it's full of usable items, as opposed to a lot of filler item included in other packs.

If you're into decorating (or a bit of gardening), this pack might well be worth dropping a few crowns on.

Overall Pack Grade: C+
The community rates this pack as:
 Great 5% | Good 16% | Average 42%Poor 37%

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