Five Favorite Pirate101 Badges

One of Pirate101's strong points is its badge system. It feels completely different from Wizard101's badges, and can often require a lot more time and effort, making the badge that much more interesting. There are quite a few to be earned, and some of the potential titles are pretty unique.  Here are my five favorite badges in Pirate101.

Armada's Most Wanted, Myth Maker

Difficulty: ★★★☆☆ | Requirements: Complete all book 4 side quests, Complete all book 14 side quests

There are quite a few badges in the game, so I thought I'd highlight just one or two beyond the list. Armada's Most Wanted and Myth Maker are pretty cool titles by themselves, especially based on how they fit into the story. What makes them even more exciting is what's required to get them. You've got to complete a number of side quests, which not everyone does, making these badges slightly rarer.

These badges are rated as a 3 of 5 difficulty level because of the many different quests required (and process of locating them all) to obtain the badges.

#5 Adder Subtractor

Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆ | Requirements: Defeat 250 Ophidians

Adder refers to snakes, and Adder Subtractor is a great pun that any pirate should be proud to wear. This is the top tier defeat badge for Ophidians, requiring 250. It takes a decent amount of work, but is more of a grind that accomplishing any great task. On your own you could pull four a battle, so with friends you may be able to finish this fairly fast.

This badge is rated as a 2 of 5 difficulty level because  while it requires many defeats, it's generally easy to earn over time.

#4 Twilight Cowboy

Difficulty: ★★★☆☆ | Requirements: Complete all book 10 side quests

At over 25% of the entire first arc, Cool Ranch plays a major role in Pirate101, so everybody loves the Wild West, right? Right? Who wouldn't love to be a Twilight Cowboy? It's the perfect badge for fans of Cool Ranch and pirates around the Spiral. It does require some work, as Cool Ranch (even just 1/4 of it) has plenty of side quests.

This badge is rated as a 3 of 5 difficulty level because of the many different quests required (and process of locating them all) to obtain the badge.

#3 Bob's Not My Uncle

Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆ | Requirements: Complete the quest "Bob's Your Uncle"

The most recent promotion quest is full of surprising twists and turns. Perhaps one that you might have seen coming - Bob's Not Your Uncle. And now you've got a badge to say so after completing this quest which unlocks a great level 70 gear farming spot as well.

This badge is rated as a 2 of 5 difficulty level because while it's a tougher quest, it's generally straightforward and easy to achieve.

#2 Spiral Theologian

Difficulty: ★★★★☆ | Requirements: Verse yourself in the religions of the Skyways

This is the badge I'm currently using in Pirate101. I once wrote a post on the variety of spiritual centers in Pirate101. You'd be surprised how many their are! One of the things that's so tough about this badge is the lack of specifics. We encounter some form of religion in almost every world, and there are no definite guidelines as to how to obtain it.

This badge is rated as a 4 of 5 difficulty level due to lack of requirement specifics and the number of places you're required to visit (or things you're required to do).

#1 The Nefarious 6th

Difficulty: ★★★★★ | Requirements: Defeat The Nefarious Five while under the effects of Moo Manchu's Elixir

Few badges are tough to obtain but more popular in Pirate101 than The Nefarious 6th. Deep within the challenge of Moo Manchu's Tower (floor 8 to be specific), lies the most challenging fight of the dungeon (even more so than Moo Manchu in my opinion). You must defeat the Nefarious Five. There's an elixir in the middle, and it anyone drinks it, they become a part of the enemy team, and must be defeated. They can still win loot and all upon successful completion of the battle by their teammates.

This is tough to earn because Moo Manchu's Tower is long, and only one person can earn it per instance. For a team of four, you'd have to repeat the tower four times. It's also arguably the toughest battle in the game, though Kane might now be giving the Five a run for their money.

This badge is rated as a 5 of 5 difficulty level due to the difficulty of the required battles and restriction to only one player per instance.

What's your favorite badge in Pirate101?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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