Wizard101 Dragon's Hoard Pack Review

The Dragon's Hoard is Wizard101's original pack - the one that started it all! This pack is considered retired, and only makes appearances in the crown shop during special events like Pack-a-Palooza or certain Throwback Thursdays. It's structured a little bit differently than some of the others Wizard101 has done.

Dragon's Hoard Pack: What's Inside

As Wizard101 first got its feet on the ground and set its structure for packs, they were still testing the waters as to what works and what doesn't work as well. The Dragon's Hoard Pack contains dragon-themed furniture primarily from Dragonspyre, as well as a unique mount, new pets, and one-of-a-kind gear.

Dragon Wings & Bone Dragon Mount

Even after the Dragon's Hoard, not every pack had two unique mounts! This one was unique in that way. Wings were not new, but these were the largest available at the time, filling much of the screen. It's rarer to see them nowadays, but they're still a great mount choice.

The Bone Dragon is also one of the rarer mounts in the game, and it's a prize worth celebrating should you be so fortunate as to receive one. It's a pretty detailed and aesthetically pleasing ride for your wizard.

Dragon Pets

There are three new pets in this pack. While that's more than most packs, these pets are simply retextures of old dragon pets. They include the Vigilant Dragon, Assailing Dragon, and Utility Dragon. These correspond with three sets of gear and three themes for the pack.

The Utility Dragon is a Myth-based pet concentrating on useful may cast abilities and providing relevant cards. The Vigilant Dragon is an Ice-based pet that emphasizes defenses, providing extra health and potentially being able to cast a Tower Shield. The Assailing Dragon is a Fire-based pet with a focus on offenses, including the ability to cast negative charms.

Mount & Pet Grade: B-
The community rates the mounts and pets as:
 Great 28% Good 33% | Average 25% | Poor 14%

Dragonrider Clothing

Following the theme of the pets, the Dragonrider Clothing comes in three sets, which would set the standard for packs moving forward. These three sets, though, rather than altering schools or slightly adjusting stats, had distinct purposes. The gear is currently available through the level 100+ tier. I've included a sample of some of the items.

The Utility outfit features energy bonuses for those interested in pet training or gardening, and now fishing. The Vigilant set features defense and healing bonuses. The Assailing set focuses on damage and offense.

While the wand at level 100 isn't a particularly viable option, it's a pretty powerful choice at lower levels, allowing new wizards to obtain an extra starting pip earlier than usual. There's also the added bonus of the fact that the gear - the robe in particular - along with the wand look pretty cool.

Gear and Wand Grade: C
The community rates the gear and wand as:
 Great 3% | Good 24% | Average 26% | Poor 47%

Furniture & Other Items

One of the things that the Dragon's Hoard Pack struggles with most is its additional items. Instead of new furniture, NPCs, or other things that KingsIsle has implemented over the years, the Dragon's Hoard simply uses dragon-themed furniture from Dragonspyre. Some of its is slightly rare and worth having, but overwhelmingly, it's full of filler items.

Furniture & Other Items Grade: D+
The community rates the furniture and other items as:
 Great 3% | Good 28% | Average 50%Poor 19%

Pack Analysis

The Dragon's Hoard tends to insert one rarer item in its center slot on the bottom row - sometimes you get a piece of gear, other times one of the nicer furniture pieces. For it being Wizard101's first pack, it's not too bad, and you'd better believe it was a success, hence why we've seen so many packs since. A majority of the items you'll be receiving, as you see from some of my example openings, will be furniture and reagents.

Click to enlarge pack-opening samples

The Verdict

There does have to be some allowance for the fact that it's the game's first pack, but at the same time, the Dragon's Hoard doesn't quite stack up to others in the line-up. If you're specifically looking to get the Bone Dragon or Dragon Wings mount, or you want some of the gear pieces for their appearance, you might give this pack a shot. Look for it during special events!

Overall Pack Grade: C-
The community rates this pack as:
 Great 8% | Good 22% | Average 47%Poor 23%

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What do you think of the Dragon's Hoard Pack?

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