Top 5 Skeleton Key Bosses in Wizard101

With Wizard101's most recent updates, there are quite a few skeleton key bosses in the Spiral. Some are better than others for drops, and some are more fun to farm than others, too. I've narrowed down the list to the top five skeleton key bosses in Wizard101, ranging from offers of epic rewards to a reshaping of battle mechanics.

All Skeleton Key Bosses:

#5: Bellosh

Key Required: Stone  |  Location: House of Scales  |  Notable Drops: Permanent Mander Palanquin Mount, Motes 

This is the boss that everyone was farming when Skeleton Keys were first released. Of all initial bosses, this one was only semi-difficult to reach, whereas Bunferatu was (and is) a royal pain, and some others were either underappreciated or not worth visiting.

Bellosh is most notable for his mount drop. While he wasn't the only new skeleton key boss to drop pack mounts, this one was by far the most popular. Because the dungeon he's located in is designed for levels 60+, he offers a decent challenge to wizards, taking on Belloq's cheats plus one or two.

#4: In'Zhizor

Key Required: Stone  |  Location: Lower Zigzag  |  Notable Drops: Book Wands, Alternate Beckett Wands, Sailback Skink Pet 

Initially one of the most underappreciated bosses of the update, In'Zhizor is the second boss and number five on the list. Both so far are stone key bosses. The fact that these initial two make the top five (or six) and require Stone keys really shows you how key bosses have shifted. It used to be that you might want something from every boss, including lower-level ones, whereas most of the bosses with items you'd want now are gold key bosses.

In'Zhizor drops the Sailback Skink Pet if you don't have the crowns to spare, but also offers a variety of wands for wizards. If you missed out on the Beckett and fansite wand promotions, there are alternate versions available here. Additionally, this is the only place in the Spiral you can get a book wand (besides the Spiral Cup Gauntlet Bundle, but it's a different book).

#3: Simon the Sayer

Key Required: Stone  |  Location: Sunken City  |  Notable Drops: Hairstyles, Unique Swords

Simon the Sayer is part of a Make-a-Wish visit from Daniel, who helped design this boss requiring a Stone Skeleton Key. Simon has some noteworthy drops - hairstyles, rare reagents and treasure cards, and above all, some unique swords will particle effects specific to the school it's designed for. But what really pushes this fight beyond some of the others is its mechanics. 

Not only are the Simon Says rules a pretty solid concept, but the fact that we have Daniel intervening from outside the battle area is absolutely huge for Wizard101 - it introduces a totally new mechanic which could make things very exciting.

#2: Aphrodite II

Key Required: Gold  |  Location: The Graveyard  |  Notable Drops: Energy Gear, Attack Rings, Sacred Charge Spell

Aphrodite II has to be one of the most notorious of all Skeleton Key Bosses. This one isn't really a boss at all, but rather, a mix of three possible tendrils (four of any combination of Myth, Life, and Death). The drops on this boss, though, are to die for. Or, well, try and live for. Not get defeated too many times for. You get the idea.  

The tendrils drop a ring, athame, and wand that offer the best energy bonuses in the game. If you train pets, grow gardens, or do much fishing, you'll be needing to pay Aphrodite II a visit. Additionally, you can get what is considered by many to be the best ring in the game here - separate from the energy ring, each school also has a ring with impressive stats useful at the end-game. To top it all off, Life wizards or anyone using a Life Mastery can benefit from the possibility of learning Sacred Charge from this battle.

#1: Omen Stribog

Key Required: Gold  |  Location: River of Frozen Tears  |  Notable Drops: Gear Set, Mastery Amulets, Luphilim Wings Mount, Ice School Furniture, Pets, Permanent Mounts

Omen is one of the most recent Skeleton Key Bosses situated in Polaris at the River of Frozen Tears. His Cave rests on the upper part of the river, only accessible to those who have progressed well into the location (or with a friend handy for a teleport). Omen is one of the bosses with the double rooms - one on which you enter a sigil to ensure you have the four people you want to take, then another for actually using the key. The fight is an interesting one - a sentinel with 99,999 health absorbing 75% of the damage done to any other enemy, meanwhile Omen removes Feints and has a number of other tricks up his sleeve. 

Besides being an awesome fight in general, Omen drops a unique gear set, one which you don't see very often in the game. He also drops his wings as a mount, Ice school furniture, the seven best mastery amulets available, a number of mounts, including pack mounts such as the Skates, pets, rare reagents, and more. You'll almost certainly get something worthwhile if you haven't farmed him often, and there's always something else to snag.

What are your favorite skeleton key bosses?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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