Search for the Deadly Toxin Quest Contest

The second Quest Contest begins now! In a continuation of the story in the first Quest Contest, this one has new challenges, new characters, and new surprises along the way. Follow the clues for your chance to win prizes, including a Witch Hunter's Bundle.

You do not need to have participated in the first Quest Contest to do this one. For this contest, you need to follow the quest to locate a series of clues in order. You may need to use documents located here along with other clues you are given to locate a blog post where you'll find your reward (that's also where the next clue will appear at release time).

This time around, we have some epic talents joining us! DearlyAbby did some character art and Dr. Zeppers did some voice work. You're going to get up close and personal with both very quickly. I'll touch on these more once the contest has been completed.


1. Follow the quest
2. Decipher the clue
3. Locate the indicated post and find the prize
4. Return to that location the following day for the next clue

A note on the final clue: The "final test" will provide you with a code, but not for the bundle. You must email the code you discover to swordroll (at) gmail (dot) com with your wizard name to win. The first person to correctly send the email wins. All other clues lead directly to a code that you should redeem immediately.

All times are CST.

CLUE 1 + Unknown Prize . . . . Monday, June 20, 5:00 PM
CLUE 2 + Unknown Prize . . . . Wednesday, June 22, 4:00 PM
CLUE 3 + Unknown Prize . . . . Friday, June 24, 11:00 AM
CLUE 4 + Unknown Prize . . . . Sunday, June 26, 1:00 PM
CLUE 5 + Unknown Prize . . . . Tuesday, June 28, 9:00 PM
FINAL TEST + Witch Hunter's Bundle . . . . Friday, July 1, 6:00 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I solve a clue? In this portion of the quest contest, you need to use any combination of documents I provide and clues provided by characters during the quest to locate a blog post or page on this site. That page will have a prize and inform you when the next clue will be appearing there. All clues are part of a path - they start here and lead to another, THAT clue leads to another, and so forth. That means you have to follow clues in order.

How do I talk to NPCs? Do I have to go in-game? All "talking" and NPC interactions are done on the site. You do not need to log in to either game to complete portions of this quest.

Is the clue the code? No, the clue will give you a hint about what blog post to go to to find the code. If it's a TFC (True Friend Code), you should redeem it in-game as soon as possible for a gift! If it's a regular code, you may redeem it at Once a regular code (string of 20 characters) is redeemed, it will say that it's been redeemed the maximum number of times allowed. Once a TFC is redeemed, it will tell you that it's invalid.

What do I do when I find a code? When you find a code, redeem it! Don't send it to me, except for the final test.

Is the final test clue different? Yes! I would like to know who wins the bundle, so the final clue will take you to a final test. One completed, there's a code that you must then type up and send to me. The first person to do so will win the bundle. For all other clues, simply redeem the code you find.

The Hunt Begins NOW!

Thanks for reading, good luck, and see you in the Spiral!

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