Community Spotlight #1

There are a lot of cool things happening around the Spiral, and not all of them get the attention they deserve. That in mind, I want to try out a new little series called the Community Spotlight, highlighting various posts and such shared by wizards and pirates around the Spiral. I'm starting with three today.

#1: New Pets Guide (2016)

Wizard101 has pets dropping like flies this year. First, all kinds of new drops around the Spiral. Then, we got a bunch of new hybrids - a LOT of new hybrids. As if that wasn't enough, Wizard101 was able to sneak in a few more - Spellwrit pets dropped by their respective mobs. 

Flash33 was the first to discover the Spellwrit Screamer when he returned to his mark inside Dee's Mirror to farm and received one. Now, with the Lost Pages having returned, more are being discovered every day. 

Pet enthusiast Paige Skyhaven started a guide on Wizard101 Central for all of these pets HERE. It will show you the pet, its drop location, and some of its stats, including any cards it gives. For some of the pets, those cards are pretty significant.

This guide is great help to anyone looking for any of these new pets, or just a new pet in general to travel the Spiral with. It's the most comprehensive version out there, and one of very few copies. Nice work, Paige!

#2: 9 Reasons to Explore the Spiral

I just recently read this post. We need to get this guy a blog! Mr. Fred posted a thread on Wizard101 Central which seems to be deceptively named "9 Reasons to Explore the Spiral," by which he means try Pirate101. He's got nine great reasons wizards tired of one thing or another will like this new MMO.

This may be partly a response to one of Blind Mew's recent posts about bringing in more players. More players mean more content, and that's a win-win for everyone. If some wizards give Pirate101 a try and like it, that'd be great. 

I thought Mr. Fred's nine reasons were well-thought-out and the whole post is pretty cool. It's full of attractive screenshots and plugs for Pirate101. Give it a look HERE.

#3: Severus Snake

Snake. Snake. Severus Snake. Dumbledore! If ever there were a Pirate101 pet to farm for just because of its name, this would be the one. Bitkiller on Pirate101 Central discovered this gem released with the Valencia Part 2 update and shared HERE.

This pet is no boss drop - it's a general chest collect from Valencian smugglers! The smugglers, when fought in broadside combat, apparently have a chance to drop this pet. On top of that, they can actually drop other boss gear with unique item cards in their mob chests, which is pretty incredible. It's a quick way to make gold.

Already, hybrid theories are running wild. Decius has said on the boards that all new Valencia pets make at least one hybrid, so there are many to be found!

Have you seen something cool in the community lately?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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