Five Unanswered Questions After Book 15

Blind Mew has recently spoken extensively about cuts and changes to Book 15 and Pirate101, including the importance of bringing in new players to facilitate future updates. One thing he also started again is answering questions from players - one of his most famous pastimes among Pirate players. He's coughed up some valuable information on five of the most major unanswered questions lingering in our minds after Book 15's conclusion. Warning: If you have not finished Book 15, there are spoilers within.

1. Where is Kane's Mind?

Perhaps the most pressing question is where this actually got taken to. According to Old Scratch, "something take it far away from here. Mighty mojo indeed." Some, including myself, initially believed it might have been stolen by the machine, but the machine was incapacitated before Kane's defeat.

Kane's mind is most likely the device which allowed him to know of El Dorado and the map pieces. It also now knows how to get to El Dorado via its own internal map, meaning that whoever controls it will be able to travel there. Short of being taken back by El Dorado itself, it may still be in the Spiral, waiting for the Queen or our pirate to grab. "As to what happened after Kane's death, that's the ultimate question - THE mystery. It'll be a big part of arc 2."

2. Where are the map pieces?

Kane doesn't simply keep his map pieces on his person. Once he no longer found a need for them and created his own map, he most likely hid the remaining pieces well enough that finding them will be quite the challenge. We may yet have to deal with the Queen to locate those pieces, but it all depends on how much information Kane shared with the Queen.

It would probably be too simple for her to know how to get to El Dorado - that's the beauty of Kane's mind, which memorized the map, being stolen. Now we're back at the race to El Dorado, and Blind Mew makes an excellent point - knowing how to reach El Dorado means that the Armada can race us there without the map. That means it doesn't have to be either us or the Queen (or whatever other nefarious Spiral forces surface) reaching El Dorado, it can be both.

3. What are the Queen's plans?

The Queen of the Armada seemed to have some sort of contingency plan, or Kane's greatest creation was prepared for the worst. Perhaps he might have come back if his Mind wasn't stolen. Then again, he might come back anyway. It's a shame the Queen survived. The "rebuilding the clockworks" game obviously hasn't been ruled out by Blind Mew, which means our chess game might now be over.

Surely now she'll be seeking out the rest of the pieces to pursue a similar goal as Kane. However, with the machine out of commission and her forces depleted, she'll need to make a very quiet resurgence, hoping to worm her way back into society and hide some of the dastardly deeds the Armada has committed from the prying eyes of the nobility, who will inevitably be wondering where Kane and the others have gone.

4. Is Kane returning?

It would seem like Kane hardly lived out his usefulness in Book 15. Mostly because the original plan intended for Book 15 to be a meeting only. We would then run into him several more times, stealing pieces in a Book 18 confrontation, racing Kane to El Dorado in Book 19, and defeating him on the shining streets of El Dorado in Book 20. Unfortunately, this arc didn't make it that far.

Blind Mew seems suspiciously open to the idea of Kane returning. He is a machine, after all, and most likely the Queen's favorite. She survived if you forgot. Blind Mew answers this question (by not answering it) front and center in his thread: "Have we seen the last of Kane? That would be telling. Kane's fate is a mystery to be solved in Arc 2."

5. What did our parents mean in the Machine?

One of the things that seemed to bother a lot of players in the Machine dungeon was the fact that our parents told us to let them and El Dorado go. It was a moment of closure but also great disappointment for players. This seems to create a problem. Our parents have shown up twice. They contradicted themselves the only two times they've come up. Furthermore, when we inevitably travel to El Dorado, it will now be against our parents' wishes and/or judgement. 

Blind Mew was asked about this multiple times. "Yes, that was odd..." Most of his answers to questions related to what players thought was a poor build-up or attempt to wrap up the arc or due to cuts were very straightforward, which made this one stand out. "Yes, that was indeed curious. You might think they were offering some consolation for defeating Kane and destroying your most direct link to El Dorado. Or that might not be it at all..." Perhaps it wasn't our parents? Perhaps they didn't mean what we thought?

What are your thoughts on these unsolved Valencian mysteries?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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