Five Things to do Every Day in Wizard101

One of the things Wizard101 has mastered is giving wizards a reason to play every day. It doesn't require a huge time investment, but there are little things you can do to improve your game experience. I'm sharing five with you that I keep handy.

1. Complete your daily assignment

Many have asked if Daily Assignments are worth the time. What time? They're very quick to complete, especially at upper levels. Usually, you need to defeat one creature (a mob) or visit a location. Today's assignment for the highest level tier is to visit Unicorn Way Park. 

Daily Assignments cater to a lot of different completionist interests. You earn badges as you complete sets of 15 if that's your thing. You can also receive different items from chests, including Spell Defying Opals and furniture. Daily Assignments also open up a series of three quests, including one boss fight.

On top of all that, a few extra arena tickets and crowns to throw into chests or stitching never hurt anybody. A little extra gold is always good. And all for visiting an old, familiar location that you know you miss.

2. Work toward a goal

Whether it's questing or farming or fishing or pets or whatever else, the best way to accomplish your long-term Wizard101 goals are in small increments. If you chip away one day at a time, that's a great way to avoid getting bogged down in desperately needing a pet or an item for a tournament or new world.

Personally, I've been doing a lot of fishing. Before logging out, I'll equip my fishing set so that energy restores to as high a level as possible for the next day. There are a lot of longer-term goals to work toward in fishing, from catching every fish in the game, to reaching a particular level.

3. Fish for the catch of the day

Catch of the Day is the new Bank of Halfang. Especially if the right fish is up. Catch of the Day is something you want to take advantage of every day at least once, though. You get three times the gold for one fish, plus a bonus. The first day you catch the CotD, you get 100 extra gold for each fish. If you catch the next day's fish, that goes up to 200 extra gold, all the way up to 3,000 extra gold per fish. Some fish may sell for as much as 12,000-15,000 gold a piece if they happen to be the Catch of the Day. Short on gold? Not if you fish.

Catch of the Day also offers some badges. For catching the CotD seven days in a row, you'll earn the Catcher of the Week badge. If you catch 25 total CotDs (not necessarily in a row), you'll earn the Clutch Catcher badge.

4. Spend energy training, fishing, or gardening

Many people spend a lot of crowns on energy elixirs, but energy is free. It restores every day and if you use what you have efficiently, there'll be no need to spend the extra crowns. You can catch (fishing), craft, and win energy gear around the Spiral, from bosses, chests, and recipe vendors. Everyone can get this sort of gear now, and some of the best pieces don't require any purchases of packs.

Gardening and fishing provide a number of benefits, including providing items for some crafting and treasure cards for PvP. Some plants offer other useful items. Fishing doesn't just provide fish - you can get rare wands,

5. Collect daily rewards

You'd be surprised how you can populate your snack, gold, reagent, and item collection with free daily rewards. Sometimes they seem small, but they add up if you use them all on each character. And here's the cool part - you don't need to have all the houses with the different reward systems to claim your items. You can visit them on housing tours. The houses and items that offer rewards are as follows:

  • Genie at the Sultan's Palace
  • Gorilla in the Sun Palace
  • Feast Table in the Winter Winds Tower
  • Magic Eggs in the Treehouse item
  • The Minotaur in the The Acropolis
  • Dragonfly ride in the Amber Estate
  • Chest in the Magic Fish Tank item
  • Levers in the Botanical Gardens
  • Mine Cart in the Bountiful Mine item
  • Crates in the Polarian Shipwreck
  • Sarcophagus in the Darkmoor Manor

The Darkmoor Manor is particularly interesting because the reward changes every day. Some days are pet snacks - you will often get a mega snack. Some days are gear - you can get crown shop items and other rare pieces. Some days are seeds - you will get a plant to use in your house. Some days are furniture - you can get new and unique items!

Good luck on your daily tasks, wizards! Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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