KingsIsle Introduces New Make-A-Wish Skeleton Key Boss

Wizard101 has been testing Polaris in the Test Realm for a few weeks now, and with the most recently update, they added in a third NPC based on a Make-A-Wish visit to KingsIsle. He comes with his own story and his own boss. 

All Skeleton Key Bosses:

In This Guide: Simon the Sayer

Make-A-Wish with Daniel

Daniel (Danny) recently visited KingsIsle to take a look at how Wizard101 was made. The visit was made possible by the Make-A-Wish foundation, which KingsIsle has partnered with three times previously, twice for Wizard101 and once for Pirate101. Each time, they do something special for the visitor - place their character in-game as an NPC!

The quests and functions of these characters are always unique. One gave a quest for a new potion in Khrysalis. One is a Mojo Potion vendor in Pirate101. This time, the NPC is part of a new skeleton key boss.

You see, one of Daniel's aspirations is to become a game designers, and KingsIsle allowed him to assist in creating his own boss, complete with unique cheats and drops. You can find Daniel and the boss inside Sunken City, just past the first NPC on the left. Fighting the boss and seeing the dialogue from Daniel requires no quest, only a Stone Skeleton Key. 

To learn more about Daniel's visit, read his section of the Update Notes here.

Simon Says...

Simon the Sayer is the new boss, and though he's located in an earlier Wizard City location, he's designed for wizards level 75 and over, meaning he'll be a challenge if you're around or below that level, but shouldn't give you too much trouble if you've hit the end of the game.

His cheats are based on his game of Simon Says. Simon will tell you when you can and cannot attack. He generally tolerates traps, but if you try to play a blade... Simon didn't say! He also has a few pet may casts and Insane Bolt cheats for those who can't follow the rules of his game.

Battle Bonuses

Some bosses are lacking items that motivate us to fight them, but that has never really been a problem with the skeleton key bosses, who always have some sort of rare loot. Simon is no exception. Not only can you get the elusive Fierce Hound and Ghost Hound pets as drops from him, you can also get his pet Polterpooch! [Source]

In addition, you can win the unique sword that Daniel is carrying in eight different forms. There's one for each school and a universal version dropped. Keep in mind that the boss is designed for wizards level 75 and up, so the gear is only level 75+. 

A few examples of the wands you can get are shown to the right. Each one has its own particle animation corresponding to its school.

Will you be trying out the new boss? What drops are you aiming for?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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