Top Ten Must-Have Polaris Drops

Wizard101 Polaris Best Drops

Wizard101's latest world - Polaris - reminds me a lot of Aquila in the sense that there's not necessarily a whole new gear set to farm for (which is a good thing), but there are a few drops you want to pay attention to scattered throughout the world. Here are the top ten things you need from Polaris.

10. Borealis Peaks Gear and Wands

Dropped From: Jeweled Slopes, Rasputin

Wizard101 Polaris Best Gear Drops - Rasputin GearNo, there aren't really any new stats you need here. However, the gear that's dropped has some of the coolest appearances around. Polaris is one of the first worlds in which the gear is potentially something you'd stitch as an appearance. There are the standard three sets available throughout the world, but then also a special set dropped anywhere in the Borealis Peaks, including the three bosses in the Jeweled Slopes, and Rasputin "The Rat" in the Horizon Hold.

To match your gear set, or just to use as a fancy decoration, you'll almost certainly want to pick up at least one of the Borealis gem wands. These are themed after the creatures Rasputin is creating from the gems, and they're pretty cool, if only just for their looks.  

9. Ice Horns

Wizard101 Polaris Best Gear Drops - Ice Horns HairstyleDropped From: Snowbeard

The Harrowing Nightmare Pack update this past year introduced some interesting twists to hairstyles - halos, goat horns, and cat ears! Now there's at least one more variation that we know of so far - the Ice Horns! These are a confirmed drop from Snowbeard, but are likely dropped from other bosses throughout Polaris.  

8. Boss Pets

Dropped From: Detolli the Destroyer, Baba Yaga, Numbskull Chieftain, Warden Vissarovich, Ludus the Beastmaster, Colonel Ivanenko, Ygor

Wizard101 Polaris Best Gear Drops - Boss PetsOne of the new features that bosses are getting in Polaris besides the ability to summon minions is pets. Not only do they have pets, but the pets can also cast spells as well. Any boss with a pet will drop it, and there are seven to collect in Polaris: Detolli's Dragon, Baba Yaga's Egg, Chieftain's Owl, Vissarovich's Hound, Beastmaster's Eagle, Ivanenko's Tiger, and Ygor's Grimoire.

These are interesting because while most of the bosses are required for the storyline, several are optional and unconnected to any quest. Colonel Ivanenko and the Numbskull Chieftain roam the area in Urville Station and the upper parts of the River of Frozen Tears. It is interesting to note that every boss who drops a pet also cheats, including the wandering bosses. 

7. Simon the Sayer Swords

Dropped From: Simon the Sayer

Wizard101 Polaris Best Gear Drops - New SwordsWhile not technically a Polaris drop, they did sneak them in with the Polaris update. Simon the Sayer is a new skeleton key boss in Sunken City connected with Daniel's Make-A-Wish visit to KingsIsle. The boss is worth playing through for several reasons, including a new Polterpooch pet, triple-shield gems, and swords with particle effects specific to each school. 

The boss and the items are designed for level 75+ wizards, so if you are maxed out, you not find that the battle is very difficult. The stats on the swords probably also won't be particularly helpful, but the swords look impressive and can be stitched. Plus, the mechanics of this battle were designed in part by Daniel and the fight is very creative. You'll even see a new mechanic where Daniel assists you from outside the battle. 

6. Dual Blade Gems

Dropped From: Vigiliant Jarilo, Jeweled Slopes, Rasputin

Wizard101 Polaris Best Jewel Drops - Dual Balanceblade GemYou may not need your Morganthe amulet at all if you can snag one of these! They have been known to drop from the Jeweled Slopes and Rasputin, though I'm found them more consistently dropped from Vigilant Jarilo, the final boss in the Sunless Shrine, the big instance with the Auroracle in the River of Frozen Tears.

These are big... and a bit odd. The single blade gems are for level 95+ only, but these gems, which give two of a particular blade, are for level 15+. That means that you can trade them down to new wizards (as long as they aren't affixed to anything) for questing.

Besides school blades, there's a Dual Balanceblade gem, which can be used by any school. These are definitely worth investigating. 

5. Top Tier Amulets

Dropped From: Rasputin

Wizard101 Polaris Best Gear Drops - Rasputin AmuletsAs we move into the upper half of our item needs in Polaris, the first is your top tier amulet. To clarify, these are the ones that provide Bolstered Ward. They rival Morganthe's as the best amulets around.

These can be somewhat confusing, because they're structured like the Darkmoor gear - there are three tiers of all gear, including the amulets. You will know you have your top tier because it'll have three jewel slots.

These aren't necessarily something you should invest yourself in farming for if you have your Morganthe amulet, but if not, it's a great opportunity to farm somewhere different for a slightly better alternative, in my opinion. Some people will prefer Morganthe's for the blade, though the other gems offered in the world may solve that problem.  

4. Morganthe Gems

Dropped From: Baba Yaga

Wizard101 Polaris Best Jewel Drops - Morganthe JewelsWho'd have thought that the Morganthe gems didn't drop from Morganthe? Baba Yaga is actually the source for these new gems which can also be found in the school gem packs. The Morganthe gems, like the dual school blade ones, are for level 15+, meaning they can be used by your lower-level wizards for farming. These are particularly useful for Death and Life, who have no low-pip AoEs.

Many say they wouldn't be viable for questing. In some ways, that's true because they're only one spell that is more of a display of power and a novelty, but on the other hand, you could win multiples from Baba Yaga or the pack, and affix them to different items so that there are more in your deck. Unfortunately, like other item cards, they cannot be enchanted. 

3. May Cast Aura Gems

Dropped From: Rasputin

Wizard101 Polaris Best Gear Drops - Rasputin May Cast Aura JewelsMay cast abilities are no longer just for pets and wands! Now, some gems provide the ability to potentially cast an aura. These auras have a new look to them and give a 10% damage bonus and 3% block bonus. They can be affixed to any item with a triangle slot. 

Besides the school-themed jewel packs, these gems can be obtained from Rasputin in the Horizon Hold. 

2. New Decks

Dropped From: Jeweled Slopes, Rasputin

Wizard101 Polaris Best Gear Drops - DecksAlong with the amulets, there are some new decks for players to pick up in the final few dungeons of the world. Fortunately, you can get these from the Jeweled Slopes. There's no need to fight Rasputin.

The new decks give more critical than before and also add in some block. Like the crafted Darkmoor decks, these come with several different potential jewel slots. You'll have to farm until you receive the one you want. Fortunately, they're not any too rare.

The one downside to these new decks is that they allow fewer copies of both your school cards and other cards. The sideboard space has also decreased slightly. However, assuming you don't pack ten of a particular spell, you'll probably be fine with this newer alternative which has better stats. 

1. Mammoth Mini Mount

Dropped From: Warlord Minak (Jeweled Slopes)

Wizard101 Polaris Best Gear Drops - Mammoth Mini MountOne of the biggest prizes from Polaris (and one of the more sought after items), the Mammoth Mini is a mount drop from Warlord Minak in the Jeweled Slopes. If you haven't noticed, the Jeweled Slopes and Horizon Hold are your farming hotspots in Polaris, so there's usually something you could use from the battles here anyway. If nothing else, do it for the frequent hairstyle, teleporter, and fish tank drops. 

The Mammoth Mini is one of only three mounts to have stats beyond the 40% speed boost. It provides a 2% healing bonus. Being a dropped mount, it is fairly uncommon, and certainly a reward worth farming for.

What do you want most from Polaris?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Big thanks to Sophia Lifecaster for the picture of the Morganthe jewel!

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