Wizard101 House Fish School, Location, XP, Rank, and Tank Size Guide

Wizard101's latest Test Realm reveals new fish in houses! Wizards can now enjoy the relaxations of fishing in the comforts of their own home. These fish are available in a variety of houses. Let's take a look!

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Fishing at its Finest

There's nothing quite like that house you spent so much time decorating... or used as a storage shed. Whatever the case, it's pretty cool to be able to fish in your own home. This was one reason that I initially enjoyed the private fishing retreat, but this takes it to a whole new level. 

Some of the most relaxing places are those you can actually wade in versus attempting to cast from the sidelines. Now there's a whole new set of activities to be done at house parties.

Doodlefish Galore!

The theme of all house fish seems to be doodles. These are all favorite characters and enemies that have come back to haunt you in a doodle form! From people to plants and shadow weavers to satyrs, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

House Fish
Note: Experience listed in "First Catch, All Catches After" format. These fish are sorted alphabetically.

Which lure do I use? Look at the school first, and then the rank. You should use that rank of that school lure to try and catch that fish.

Example Fish
Location Here
First XP, Normal XP [Rank]
Aero Dwarf Doodlefish
Aero Dwarf Village House
1600 XP, 16 XP [1]
Alhazred Doodlefish
Balance House
1400 XP, 14 XP [2]
Wizard101 Fishing Dragonspyre Fish

Beastman Doodlefish
Castaway's Bungalow House
1500 XP, 15 XP [1]
Butterscotch Doodlefish
Candied Isles Village
1500 XP, 15 XP [2]
Crab Doodlefish
Briny Deep Retreat
1500 XP, 15 XP [2]

Cyrus Doodlefish
Myth House
1400 XP, 14 XP [2]
Dalia Doodlefish
Fire House
1400 XP, 14 XP [2]
Deer Knight Doodlefish
Outlaw's Refuge
1300 XP, 13 XP [1]

Dworgyn Doodlefish
Death House
1400 XP, 14 XP [2]
Elik Silverfist Doodlefish
Any Arcane House
1400 XP, 14 XP [2]
Flytrap Doodlefish
Botanical Gardens
1400 XP, 14 XP [2]

Ghost Shark
Darkmoor Manor
1100 XP, 11 XP [1]
Golden Goose Doodlefish
Everafter Village
1500 XP, 15 XP [2]
Goliath Doodlefish
Amber Estate
1400 XP, 14 XP [2]

Guard Doodlefish
Battlemage Keep House
1500 XP, 15 XP [1]
Halston Doodlefish
Storm House
1400 XP, 14 XP [2]
Kiliman Copperleaf Doodlefish
Sun Palace
1400 XP, 14 XP [2]

Lydia Doodlefish
Ice House
1400 XP, 14 XP [2]
Merle Doodlefish
Massive Fantasy Palace
1400 XP, 14 XP [2]
Micro Fish
Fantastic Voyage Gauntlet
1300 XP, 13 XP [1]

Moolinda Doodlefish
Life House
1400 XP, 14 XP [2]
Morganthe Doodlefish
Darkmoor Manor
1400 XP, 14 XP [2]
Nalia Dunestrider Doodlefish
Sultan's Palace
1400 XP, 14 XP [2]

Napolenguin Doodlefish
Polarian Shipwreck
1400 XP, 14 XP [2]
Ninja Pig Doodlefish
Heavenly Palace
1400 XP, 14 XP [2]
Pacal Doodlefish
Pyramid of the Lost Horizon
1400 XP, 14 XP [2]

Qismah Doodlefish
Nomad's Camp
1400 XP, 14 XP [2]
Satyr Doodlefish
Winter Winds Tower
1400 XP, 14 XP [2]
Tzcat Threestar Doodlefish
Serpentine Escape
1400 XP, 14 XP [2]

Zeus Doodlefish
The Acropolis
1400 XP, 14 XP [2]

Have you caught anything interesting in your house?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Special note: Thanks to Calamity Pixieshade and Iridian Willowglen for letting me fish in some of their homes!

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