Quest Contest Winners, Discussion, and Feedback

As the first Quest Contest on Swordroll's Blog comes to an end, there are a few winners to congratulate, but also a few ideas to discuss. This contest concept will be coming back, so share your feedback so that it's even better than the first!

Bundle Winner

We had many winners along the way for different clues. Prizes included 1000 crowns, 5000 crowns, an Amaranthine Staff, a FOG Staff, two packs of choice, and four packs of choice. The final clue led to a code for the bundle.

The first person to correctly email that code and their wizard name as instructed in the original post was Kiley Moonshade. Congratulations, your bundle code has been sent!

Feedback Questions

I was initially skeptical of this contest format because participation is not always high on contests that require more effort, but I was really surprised. I think I had more interactions and excitement with this contest than ever before. Countless emails, DMs, and Facebook messages with questions, codes, and more. I think it works because, as one person pointed out to me, it requires you to think, but does not require any special ability, such as art.

That said, I will probably use this format again in the future. Not every contest, since it takes more time to make than it does to play, but some for sure. Before next time, I want to take some opinions and get some feedback. Here are some questions to get you thinking.

  1. How did you feel about the release times?
  2. How did you feel about the rewards versus the effort required?
  3. What parts did you enjoy or not enjoy about the contest?
  4. What parts were the most confusing, and how could they be clarified?
  5. Did the "final test" function properly on your device? (Also include specifics such as your browser, device, and screen resolution if not.)

So Far...

This is what I've gathered is the general consensus on a few topics. If you disagree, feel free to share your thoughts on these as well. I have also added in a few of my own ideas.

  • Clarify the direction of the quest - make sure quest goals are present with each set of dialogue pieces and/or clues.
  • Place congratulation messages and codes in an image format.
  • Clarify that clues and quest goals hint at other posts and pages to visit. 
  • Hide clues at times that are accessible to as large a crowd as possible without catering specifically to one over another.
  • Make the contest uniform - either have people email in for all clues or none of them.
  • Flesh out the middle clues and diversify the hints.

Until next time... Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

**This quest will remain up for a week or so for those who want to play it for fun**

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