New Halloween Items Coming to Wizard101

Wizard101 New Halloween Pack Items

Every year, Wizard101 either updates seasonal packs with old items, or introduces another pack with new items. Which they'll do this year is becoming more and more clear. Not only that, but some people saved packs in their gift boxes from previous years, and snagged some items early. Let's take a look at what's coming to Wizard101.

Mysterious Owl Mount

It's not our first clue, but it is our latest. Wizard101 recently sent out an email about their Halloween celebration - special quests, new outfits, and more included. However, it isn't until the middle of the month that they introduce the new packs or the old packs with new items.

At the bottom of the email was a mysterious owl. My guess is that it's a safe conclusion that this is a Halloween mount. That, or someone ran out of things to put in the Halloween email. Now it could be a pet, but my guess is a mount because it appears to use the existing owl mount model with these special new textures.

Wizard101 New Halloween Pack Items

New Haristyles: Horns, Cat Ears, and Halos

These items aren't pictured anywhere, but rather, they've actually been spotted in-game from people who opened some packs early. "Alexander da Coolest" on Wizard101 was among players who was fortunate enough to have leftover packs and received a pair of horns. Two other styles were also spotted.

Wizard101 New Halloween Pack Items

It is interesting to note that while the particular hairstyle associated with each accessory is permanent (there are male and female versions of each), the hairstyle can actually be dyed, whereas you must traditionally pick your color before purchasing a hairstyle and stick with it. I foresee these items being very popular, though I'm not sure how I feel about the hairstyles each is attached to.

New Furniture

There's a variety of furniture available for just about any theme you might desire for a house, but scary and spooky furniture is probably more popular than any other set. We first got some traditional Wizard City Halloween decorations, and over time we had the Spider Pack with rare Zafarian furniture including Elephant Graveyard stones and trees, and other spider-themed items. Then we recently received the Darkmoor-themed Terror's Hoard Pack, and now it looks like we'll be getting even more furniture of this nature.

Wizard101 New Halloween Pack Items

The Winged Catastrophe Pet

Not long ago, a pet emerged among these items as well - the Winged Catastrophe. This corrupted cat is a perfect Halloween companion and once it began to get around in the Hatchery, everyone ended up with their own. I don't personally do a lot of hatching in Wizard101, but even I needed one of these cats. I presume they're from the same location as the other items.

Wizard101 New Halloween Pack Items

Old Pack or New Pack?

The answer now is obvious, at least for most of these items. The only way they could have been obtained is if they were in an existing pack. And, in fact, most of them were. I can confirm that the furniture, pet, and at least one of the hairstyles comes from the Harrowing Hoard Pack based on Alexander's post on Wizard101 Central.

The owl mount or pet is a mystery. It wouldn't make sense to me that they'd put it in its own pack, but it's possible that it'll be a Crown Shop item for Halloween. In my opinion, it's more likely that it'll be the brand new prize in this old pack.

Have you spotted any of these items in-game? What are you most looking forward to?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Thanks to @StormLgnd on Twitter for sharing pictures of the horns and new furniture items. Thanks to Evil Lurker for the Halo image. Thanks to Draven74 for the cat ears image.

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