Wizard101 Celestia Fish School, Location, XP, Rank, and Tank Size Guide

Wizard101's Latest Test Realm reveals new fish in Celestia! Come take a look at what's new and see the locations, school, and more to learn what lure to use to catch these Celestian fish!

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Return of the Sentinels?

With Celestia coming after Dragonspyre, it seemed only logical that sentinels would follow and be caught in every world from this point forward. To my surprise, there were (and are) no sentinels in Celestia. The Blue Armored Guard certainly looks similar to the Armored Red Guard, which is a sentinel, but he isn't one.

New Challenges, New Tricks

With some of our new Dragonspyre spells, catching some of these fish shouldn't be too tough (though finding them was a different story). The only rank one fish is the Nibbler, so the Reveal Rank 1 Fish spell will really come in handy to tell you what NOT to catch. All other fish so far are rank three with the exception of the Blue Armored Guard, which is rank two.

A Day at the Beach

One of the best parts of Celestia is the scenery, particularly on the Floating Land. Fishing on the beach is a great time, even without the new fish to be caught there. Don't forget to enjoy yourself.

Celestia Fish
Note: Recommended fishing locations are included. These are where the fish are confirmed to be caught. However, you generally have a chance to catch a fish in any part of its world with the correct school spawn, and with several, they come from every world, but still have a recommended location. Experience listed in "First Catch, All Catches After" format. These fish are sorted alphabetically.

Which lure do I use? Look at the school first, and then the rank. You should use that rank of that school lure to try and catch that fish.

Example Fish
Location Here
First XP, Normal XP [Rank]
Blue Armored Guard
The Floating Land, CL
1700 XP, 17 XP [2]
Channel Bass
Survey Camp, CL
1500 XP, 15 XP [3]
Wizard101 Fishing Dragonspyre Fish

False Catshark
Celestia Base Camp, CL
1500 XP, 15 XP [3]
Flying Saucer Fish
Celestia Base Camp, CL
2000 XP, 20 XP [3]
The Floating Land, CL
1500 XP, 15 XP [3]

Stormriven, CL
2100 XP, 21 XP [3]
Little Mackerel
District of the Stars, CL
2100 XP, 21 XP [3]
Celestia Base Camp, CL
1600 XP, 16 XP [1]

Oil Drum
Stormriven, CL
1500 XP, 15 XP [3]
District of the Stars, CL
1500 XP, 15 XP [3]

Have you caught anything interesting in Celestia?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Special note: Thanks for collaborating on the fish-search, Morgrim Shadowfist! 


  1. Here are the fish I caught in the District of the Stars
    It was nice meeting you!

  2. here is my complete list of all i have caught today minus jaws,False cat shark, myth cl pond

    Nibbler, mythcl pond

    Channel bass, storm grotto entrance

    Flying saucer fish, storm, floating land

    shiner, ice, near archivist

    oil drum , fire, stormriven

    blue armored guard, fire floating lands

    Humunukapua, life floating land

    false catshark myth cl pond

    little mackerel, balance archivist

    jaws, death stormriven


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