Wizard101: Terror's Hoard Pack Review

Just today, Wizard101 released the new Terror's Hoard Pack. This Darkmoor-themed booster card pack includes new furniture, the Terror Dog mount, new wands with special May Cast spells, a new pet, and more!

The Terror's Hoard Pack: What's Inside

Wizard's newest pack is unique for a couple of reasons. The biggest that you'll notice immediately upon opening a pack is the lack of filler items... at least not ones you've seen before. The new furniture items are a definite highlight, and there are a ton of them.

Level 100+ Gear

There are three level 100+ sets in this hoard, like in others. This first one is the Soothsayer's Set. It's the spirit set designed for Death, Life, and Myth wizards. The wand is particularly notable for its critical and block plus a damage and pip chance bonus. Its may cast spell does 1000 star damage at no extra pip cost to the caster. The wand casts it randomly. The gear set focuses on offense, as do all three sets in the bundle, and the spirit set has three universal traps for powering hits.

This second level 100+ set is for elemental schools. Like with the spirit schools, it focuses on offense. The may cast spell does 1000 sun damage this time. The cards on the set are all about charm and ward manipulation. For the hat and robe, it's stealing. The boots give rare access to Enfeeble cards! Note that the cards given on the gear sets in this pack give two instead of one. That's another new precedent.

The final set is a universal one that is also designed for Balance. It has two sets of shields and blades for both schools (though only gives one copy of each) and the robe grants Reshuffle. The wand may cast does 1000 moon damage, and instead of damage boosts for three schools, it gives a 5% universal boost. 

Overall Gear Grade: A

The Terror Dog and Brainy Assistant

The mount and pet are highly debated items in the pack. The mount is smaller, which is a huge positive for some people (including myself) but can take away from the "epicness" or grand scale/feel of the mount from the pack.

Designed to look something like a Gargoyle, I do like the mount, despite the fact that it's smaller and uses an old model style (not that most pack mounts don't).

The pet, while hatchable, as always, has been a big draw for players as well. This creative little... well, I'm not sure what it is... comes with a new Colossafrog spell, which is a cheap Death AoE (and an even-pipped one!). The pedigree is not spectactular, but the design of the pet is not one to pass up. Just keep it well fed, or it might need a new brain for its jar.

Overall Mount and Pet Grade: B+

Pack Analysis

Wizard101 Terror's Hoard Pack Terror Dog Mount
Now that you know what's in the pack, perhaps you can more appropriately follow my feelings on it. There are a couple big factors in deciding how this pack ranks among others. The first is the Darkmoor furniture, which is exciting for three reasons. First, it means new items! There are some pretty cool items in here, and even if you can't buy the pack, stop by the Bazaar - it's already filling up on them. You can sell your extras for gold if you don't want them. Second, it provides some very appropriate decorations for homes like the Wyrd House or Death House. It may also be a hint to a future Darkmoor home. And third, it's exciting because KingsIsle doesn't just make a bunch of new items for one pack. In fact, if I recall correctly, they haven't done it once yet in all of the other packs, outside of the Emperor's Attic Pack, where the furniture itself was the highlight. We even get a few portraits of screenshots of game models, including some of Darkmoor. Pirates, keep your eyes out! We saw the same thing with the Olympian Bundle, then Aquila in Pirate101.

Overall Item Grade: B

Wizard101 Terror's Hoard PackItem Structure

If you've read up on Wizard101's newest pack structure, you'll notice that this pack generally follows the same structure, but breaks it with new furniture, and occasionally with its newer items! This is a welcome sign for many players who weren't so fond of this new method of recreating old packs with a couple new items.

Furniture Seals the Deal

When you start to realize the number of new furniture pieces in this set, you can't help but get excited. You've got impressive wands, and some interesting gear, plus a pet and mount that any wizard would be happy to have, and if that wasn't enough, throw is all of these new items. Much like the Grizzly Beast Pack, this one intends to "wow" you from the start, and it's for that reason that I've spent a little bit more than usual on this one, and I suspect that others will, too. Because even after five or ten packs, you're still getting multiple new items with each opening, as opposed to repeats of old items hoping for that one thing you must have. Plus, the drop rates seem very good. I've seen multiple new items in one pack. I've seen more mounts than ever.

Overall Pack Grade: A-

Will you be buying the new Terror's Hoard Pack? Have you gotten anything worthwhile?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Thanks to Harmony Everhart for allowing me to take pictures of her mount, pet, and some of her gear!

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