Wizard101: Grand Tourney Gauntlet Bundle!

Wizard101 Grand Tourney Arena Gauntlet Bundle

Wizard101 has launched the brand new Grand Tourney Gauntlet Bundle, which includes the Grand Tourney Arena, Dyeable Destrier Mount, Squirerel Pet, Valiant Jouster's Armor and Lance, and one month of membership or 5,000 crowns!

Wizard101 Grand Tourney Gauntlet Details

Wizard101 Grand Tourney Arena Gauntlet Bundle
This new $39 card can be purchased at your local Wal-Mart! While some have had no trouble finding it, Wal-Mart is notorious for their poor stock of KingsIsle cards, and which stores have what seems to have no rhyme or reason. To help you out check out my bundle buyer's guide, which details the abilities of Wal-Mart employees beyond just checking their shelves. 

The Grand Tourney Arena Gauntlet

The main attraction on this new bundle is the Grand Tourney Arena itself. Inside, the dungeon is appropriately Avalon-themed, like the bundle, and involved a series of duels with knights from around the Spiral. You must help a badger named Sir Dunc win Duchess Sophia Blackthorn's favor, too!

The beautiful Avalon landscape and surrounding tents lend themselves perfectly to the tournament setting. For the most part, this dungeon drops only snacks, reagents, and the occasional jewel. But, if you're lucky, you'll snag some energy gear from one of the hoard packs!

Wizard101 Grand Tourney Arena Gauntlet Bundle

Grand Tourney Gauntlet: All Gear and Wand Tiers

This bundle has some interesting gear. It seems to follow a new trend of offensive hats, defensive robes, and a mix of healing and critical on the boots. The wand, a lance, gives May Cast Bladestorm at the level 100+ tier. The outfit is interesting beyond that, though - it's not only a cool design, but the stats aren't bad. The robe is the first to give a 1,000 health boost, which is going to be a big increase for some wizards. Here's a video showing all of the wand and gear tiers.

I realize most will be interested in the top tier, so here's a quick shot of the level 100+ gear and wand.

Wizard101 Grand Tourney Arena Gauntlet Bundle Level 100+ Gear

The Squirerel and Dyeable Destrier Mount

Two irrefutable highlights of this bundle are the pet and mount. The Squirerel (Squire-rel) is more than just an adorable sidekick for your wizard. He can learn some powerful talents, too. I've noticed that the pets in these bundles have been getting better and better in terms of stats.

Wizard101 Grand Tourney Arena Gauntlet Bundle

The unique thing about this mount is that it's the first that can be dyed. Take it over to the Wizard City Dye Shop and you can change the color of the horse's tournament-ready cover. I changed mine to black and white to match my outfit. I learned shortly after taking these images that the squirerel's outfit can be dyed any color, too.

Do you plan on buying the new Grand Tourney Gauntlet?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

Wizard101 Grand Tourney Arena Gauntlet Bundle

Wizard101 Grand Tourney Gauntlet Bundle Summary

Where to Buy: Wal-Mart

Cost: $39

Contents: Grand Tourney Arena Gauntlet, Dyeable Destrier Mount, Squirerel Pet, Valiant Jouster's Armor, Valiant Jouster's Lance, and a one-month subscription or 5,000 crowns


  1. I'm getting it when it comes here :-)

  2. I have called eight different walmarts...not one of them had the bundle...think KI should get away from Walmart entirely.

  3. walmart is defenitly not the best store but what can you do :P

  4. i know trick to get past those owners warning for any spiral cup or tourney

  5. What is this trick? Multi-player mounts?

  6. no its actually you know those Warnings that players can't join in unless you add them to join in i have found a way get past that issue so they can play Spiral Cup or Tourney

  7. Trick for anyone use these spiral cup or tourney dungeon that everyone can play very simple to do but i am gonna explain this way and other way to make it more sense

    you know how players can't join to play those dungeon spiral cup or tourney gauntlet usually those things that pops up message that can't use it unless you add the owner but i found a trick out of that but just requres couple things but it does work not sure how long may work but all i can tell you this trick for right now

    The Trick is this How to get past these warning things wizard101 for spiral cup or tourney dungeon

    1. Make sure the Owner is presented in the house
    2. Have a Friend Teleport to the house when he/she is presented inside house (do not visit the castle tour house)
    3. You just need a Noob Wizard teleport so login wizard like noob extra screen thing like others players do and teleport to you while your in the owner house where your exactly at
    4. Enjoy The Trick and just Leave Wizard there stranded while your in dungeon players can teleport directly to noob while the owner is gone if he decides to leave but just remember to walk him every few minutes or it will go offline then it won't work then this way you don't have keep going to castle or even the owners don't have keep adding friends that way to play these dungeons

    *Enjoy the Fun Trick this does work for Tourney and Spiral Cup
    Tried it few times and so far it works i have not a clue how long it may work i just found this out the other day about 2 days ago

    By Cole Shadowflame

    i don't know for sure how long it will last

    your welcome for that trick

    it may be glitch trick but not sure you can try it if you want

    Make it More Sense if your confuse
    1. Make Sure the Owner is Online (Must be Presented in his Home that has the Tourney Or Spiral or even Both)
    2. Make Sure You have 1 Friend With Owner so you can Teleport to his house when he/she is Presented in the home that has the dungeon
    3. Teleport He/She Directly to your friend that owners the house (Do Not Go to Visit Castle tours) that has dungeon looking for it
    4. get a noob wizard101 Login and Teleport to you where your at in the friends owners house that has the dungeon (like players do always have second screen to play wizard101)
    5. Invite friends to the noob stranded let others players port to guy or a the wizard just leave him stranded so that owners don't have keep adding friends to be able to use those dungeons but just have remember to walk him around every few minutes about 3-4 minutes then enjoy the trick

    noob wizard may have add friends to let others go teleport to noob or the wizard

    the trick only works if the Owner is Presented in his House that has Spiral Cup Or Tourney Gauntlet

    Enjoy the Tricks it should work just found this out two days ago it only works if House Owner is it at his house and a friend is at that location to teleport in his home then they can use any dungeons as long the stranded noob or wizard stays online in that area until he/she decides to leave then you have to wait for the owner go back to his house to do this trick again let others players its very simple way so that owners doesn't have keep adding friends to the list i have no clue how long this may work

    6. if your still in your friends owners house and you have stranded wizard in that you ported if the owner decies to leave out as long you have stranded wizard in the friend home you still use dungeon until that stranded decides to leave to do this again you have wait for the owner to return back to his/her home

  8. Has anyone actually seen or purchased his bundle? I'm in SoCal and Walmart can't even find it in their system. Be great if they would offer it saw an e-download, but currently the Pagoda Gauntlet is the only one on their site.

  9. Yes, quite a few people have gotten one.

  10. If anyone is curious, the UPC on the Grand Tourney Gauntlet Bundle is 79936635645. http://www.swordroll.com/2014/10/wizard101-pirate101-bundle-buyers-guide.html


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