Wizard101 Fishing Ranks and Badges Guide

From my first few discoveries of new fish, I knew I'd love fishing in Wizard101. Since the first day it opened in the Test Realm, I've been busily fishing away in an attempt to catch everything available to me. Along the way, I've discovered a few very interesting badges.

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I've had a number of people asking me how to get certain fishing badges, so with the release of the live realm, I started keeping track and asking a few friends to do the same. I figured that since badges are still a mystery to most and there's no current badge guide out there, that I'd go ahead and compile what I'd uncovered here in this post. Much like my fish guide, I'll update this as new badges are discovered. If you have any badges or know how they're received, please let me know!

In order to more appropriately accommodate the rank badges and experience (XP) amounts, I have updated my fish guide to include the experience amounts for each fish, both for the first catch, and every catch after that. You'll find a link to that guide below. It is currently your only complete option for viewing experience amounts.

Fishing Ranks and Badges

Because a lot of work went into collecting information for providing the badges and requirements themselves, I'll not talk a lot about them other than to say that I know there are more that are yet to be discovered out there, so keep fishing! Here is your guide to the known fishing badges available in-game.

Fishing Rank Badges
These badges are obtained based on your fishing rank, and one will replace the other. You get this badge when you reach the experience amount listed for the level. Note that experience amounts listed are NOT cumulative; that's the amount you need to reach the next level from your current level.

Rank 1 - Novice Angler - Start Fishing Quest
Rank 9 - Master Fish Angler - 42,975 XP

Rank 2 - Neophyte Angler - 1,500 XP
Rank 10 - Grandmaster Angler - 53,640 XP

Rank 3 - Apprentice Angler - 3,870 XP
Rank 11 - Legendary Angler - 65,760 XP

Rank 4 - Initiate Angler - 7,425 XP
Rank 12 - Transcendent Angler - 78,525 XP

Rank 5 - Intermediate Angler - 12,165 XP
Rank 13 - Archmage Angler - 78,525 XP

Rank 6 - Journeyman Angler - 18,090 XP
Rank 14 - Promethean Angler - 78,525 XP

Rank 7 - Expert Angler - 25,200 XP
Rank 15 - Exalted Angler - 78,525 XP

Rank 8 - Adept Angler - 33,495 XP
Rank 16 - ??? - ??? XP

Total Fish Badges
These badges are obtained based on the total number of fish you've caught, including duplicates. This number also includes the total number of chests you've caught. None of these badges replace each other; you can keep them all.

Gone Fishin'
Catch 1 fish (chests included)
Baited Breath 
Catch 500 fish (chests included)

Fishy Business
Catch 25 fish (chests included)
Drop the Bass
Catch 1000 fish (chests included)

Angler Management
Catch 100 fish (chests included)
Fish Whisperer
Catch 2500 fish (chests included)

Master Caster
Catch 200 fish (chests included)
Bass Master
Catch 4000 fish (chests included)

Other Fishing Badges
These badges are obtained based on other requirements such as catching a certain number of types of fish or a certain size of fish, or participating in fishing tournaments. None of these badges replace each other; you can keep them all.

Catch of the Day
Catch 1 Small Fry
Fisher King/Queen
Catch 100 different kinds of fish

Deep Sea Pro
Catch 1 Whopper
Dragonspyre Angler
Complete the Dragonspyre Fishing Quests

Hook, Line and Sinker
Catch 25 different kinds of fish
Catcher of the Week
Catch 7 consecutive Catch of the Day fish

Catch 50 different kinds of fish
Clutch Catcher
Catch 25 Catch of the Day fish

Honest Angler
Catch 75 different kinds of fish
Medal Catcher
Place on the fishing tournament leaderboard

Fishing for Assistance

I'm in need of some help! I know there are other badges out there, and if you have information regarding them, or you hit a rank not yet reached and posted here, please let me know! Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Thanks to Evan Silver for looking into some badges with me. Huge thanks to Duncan Stormthief for the Drop the Bass and Fish Whisperer badges and info, as well as the Adept Angler info. Thanks to Iridian Willowglen for the Transcendent Angler picture.


  1. You almost sound like an employee of KingsIsle. Thank you for the detailed information.

    1. Ha! Thanks. I'm certainly no KI employee (or official fansite for that matter), but I'm happy to help.

  2. I really want to find out how to get the badge: Drop The Bass :P

  3. I was wondering about the badge "MASTER ANGLER".
    There is a badge with that name already. You earn it by defeating 200 sharks and crabs, maybe a few more. I have it, I earned it in celestia. It will be confusing and frustrating for the ones who earn it fishing, which is the harder way.

    1. Yes, I noticed this. The reason I have Master Angler and Grandmaster Angler up there are because they follow the pattern in terms of what KingsIsle has done in the past with Gardening. However, they have seen that this was conflicting and changed the title. Given that no one has reached the rank yet, we don't know for sure, and I suspect it'll be quite some time before we do.

  4. Hi Swordroll
    I hit rank 8 and got the adept angler badge a couple days ago. It's not on the guide already, so there are some pictures here:


    Awesome guide!

  5. don't forget new catch 2500 badge in live now

  6. dragonspyre angler-complete catch em if ya can quest, honest angler-catch one dragonspyre fish, fisher queen/king- catch 100 different species of fish. I'm not sure about the master fish angler

  7. Oh i think the master fish angler is when you get to rank 9


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