Pirate101: Secret Bosses and Hidden Loot

There have long been secrets and hidden fights in Pirate101, and even after over a year of being open to the public, we still don't know everything yet. Hidden bosses have been a hot topic in the past, but with a recent post from Ratbeard confirming potential unique loot, the game is official afoot.

What We Know For Sure

Ratbeard has confirmed for us that there's at least one hidden boss in the Spiral. He's also confirmed that this boss drops a unique weapon that he's never seen any player using. Sounds pretty great, right? (Click to enlarge)

The only problem is that we don't exactly know where to begin farming. I had seen a few mysterious places not associated with quests, however, around Skull Island, so I decided to take a closer look.

Inside the Cave Tomb

There's a place in the Gold Mine on the Isle of Doom that is a solo location and not used for any quest. It's just up by the Water Moles, and you can walk right in. Inside is an Aztecosaur Blood Lord. This is an easy, low-level battle with an interesting twist.

There are interactive piles of gold there, and no one is quite sure what they're for. Some say they increase your chances at an item drop from the boss. One thing is for certain, there's more to be learned from this location.

Mysterious Temple of Toloc

The other location I'd inadvertently stumbled upon in my searching during the Stormgate Pirates riddle is the Temple of Toloc. It's not officially associated with any quest, and yet it has an active sigil for everyone. You'll find it in the tunnels inside the Scurvy Dog Hideout.

There are no words to describe the temple but beautiful and mysterious. It is unlike any other location in-game, and the final battle area is the one used for the Temple of Fire in Xol Akmul. You'll see a number of locked doors and get a new quest, with no reward, to go and find the Aztecosaur idol. You'll have to activate several pillars first. You'll quickly learn that the place is crawling with enemies and is absolutely massive, using two complete maps.

In the second portion of the temple, you find a number of hidden bosses, including one trick door that you can walk right through. None, however, are so interesting as Ek Beh, guarding some of the dogs from Marleybone, one of which is carrying a rather interesting hammer (pictured above). He is the only one in the entire instance (and not even part of the instance quest) to drop one of the white and hold boss chests.

If you follow the instance quest, you'll retrieve the Idol of Toloc, but the final battle is just some general Aztecosaur Mummies. Beyond even that, however, I found three additional pillars to press "x" on, but I never did find out what effect that actually had.

In Search of Loot

If you're looking for this unique item from the hidden boss, I definitely recommend checking these locations. I know I'll be investigating more thoroughly in the coming days. So now it's your turn... what secret bosses and items have you found?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Roslyn SilvertalonJuly 12, 2014 at 4:09 PM

    I believe there are two quests associated with the Temple of Toloc: one in which the governor of Port Regal asks you to retrieve the Idol of Toloc, and another in which the leader of the Scurvy Dogs sends you to rescue some of his men. These are the dogs being held by Ek Beh.

    1. Yes, I figured out shortly after that several are for lesser-known quests, but there are one or two that not only take more work to reach, but also that aren't part of any quest.

  2. Very interesting. I saw Ratbeard's post as well and I'm trying to find secret bosses in tombs. So far I haven't found anything. Thanks for the useful post, I will definitely check out these locations.

  3. i haven't gotten far down into the game but from the Temple of Fire you fight the Blood Lord, and you say that you fight the Blood Lord in the Isle of Dooms Flooded Tunnels, i wonder why he is in both spots

    1. There are Blood Lords all over. I'm not sure what the deal is with it.

  4. The Blood Lord is used for Mormo's first promotion.

  5. Where is it? Flooded Tunnels? What level is the weapon?

  6. Have you tried looking for a secret boss in the
    Labyrinth? That place is huge!


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